ICW Podcast-Dinar Corp part 1

podcast 7Welcome to another podcast From Iraq Currency Watch. In this episode, we will cover the recent conviction that happened with the leader of Dinar Corp. Sam I Am has a story to share about Dinar Corp that he kept hidden for a long time. Now that the conviction has happened he can freely talk about it. As we sat down to talk about recent events over 90 minutes flew by. So instead of taking the whole conversation and putting it into a really long podcast I decided to split it up into  two parts. Each part will provide incredible insight to the dinar community. So if you are still invested in this thing then tighten your seatbelt because things are about to get really bumpy. Just click on the play button and enjoy the ride.

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Dinar Corp part 1

Recorded On July 16th, 2016

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7 thoughts on “ICW Podcast-Dinar Corp part 1

  1. I have some stuff I kept to myself about dinar U.K the uk dinar trade, when that was operating. The telephone calls I had with their staff would probably be illegal in the USA – if only I had recorded it. But put this way (when you guys ridiculed me and accused me of lying about the banks in the uk ) dinar uk actually confirmed what they were saying. I was lead to believe that the RV would happen in 2013 and that the agreement to proceed had all been agreed in 2012 in Iraq. These dinar dealers didn’t just mislead me they also mislead people I knew. I’m clinging onto the hope it will revalue-(that’s something I will always do because I made the descion to be in this till the bitter end) however I have never come across such a barrel of scammers and douchbags in all my life. I’m definately going to write a book on the dinar and my experiences from the uk side. I was definately on the roller coaster and I guess it was people who I thought I could trust such as dinar uk that made me believe that you guys were upto no good. I guess that’s why I stuck my neck out and went all stupid something I really regret. It’s not what I wanted to be remembered for but I really believed stupidly that you guys were set up by government or whatever. I have calmed down a lot and reflected on the past. The dinar is no longer too much of my life. I am no longer buying. What I bought I’m sticking with and will not be selling. I’m apologising to you Sam I am (Rod).


    • I don’t recall ridiculing you over banks in the UK. I know there were those people that called you names over on Baghdad Invest and DB. I don’t think I was in that lot and even though we disagreed on some things I never called you names. There is no need to apologise to me for anything, especially for a difference of opinion. You would be surprised at how defensive people got when they figured out this thing was not going to happen. Everything people put their hope in sunk. I don’t take it personally and I am quick to forgive.

      That is what makes this investment scheme incredibly cruel. It preys on the poor and the weak. There were many people who needed the revalue to pay for their medical bills. People were going without food and losing assets. They lost their jobs and what little money they had to live on was used to buy dinar.

      I personally knew people who wanted the revalue to pay their medical expenses so that their family would be taken care of after they passed on. That is why there are those that are upset when you tell them the truth. You are removing their only hope and what little money they had to get through their circumstance was wasted.

      People have a bad habit of shooting the messenger, but the bible says this.

      Hope deferred maketh the heart sick: but when the desire cometh, it is a tree of life. -Proverbs 3:12

      Nothing can make you sick like false hope. It is a sinking gut feeling that is incredibly awful. These gurus in the UK lied about us so they could put money in their own pocket. The dinar is a global scam. It is not confined to the United States.

      Let me know when you write your book and leave a link here on Iraq Currency Watch. I would love to read through it.


    • DB. I’ve repeatedly heard you and other dinar holders say they’re waiting until the bitter end to sell their dinar. They’ll never sell until “one way or another” something happens. Did it ever occur to you that there is nothing to happen? There is no “end” to come to? As we all know, the IQD will not RV. But that does not mean that it has to redenominate. It can (and probably will) continue with approximately the same exchange rate indefinitely. Nothing has to happen with the dinar. It’s not a scenario in which there are only 2 possible outcomes. If inflation remains relatively low, there is no compelling reason to go to the trouble and expense of a demonetization of old currency and reissue of new currency. But since we know there will never be a revaluation, what possible value is there in waiting around to see if a redenomination ever occurs? Even in the unlikely event it ever occurred, it’s not something that would change the purchasing power of the notes you own. So what’s the value?


    • I agree with what Networth said. There are many options for Iraq, but raising the value by a hundred thousand percent isn’t an option. At this point Iraq is barely hanging on to their sovereignty as a nation, so I think 1400:1 (a 20% decline) is much more likely than 1000:1 (an even 1/10 of a penny). Like Marcus I don’t recall accusing you of lying, although some of my regular readers certainly did. I always felt that you were misled and maybe a bit too trusting as I was in 2010. And maybe a tad defensive. No worries. I’m just glad that you’re now able to see our side of this thing. Welcome to the dark side. There’s more to come from what I’m told. I have reason to believe that another dinar indictment is coming by the end of the year, and am hopeful to see yet another next year. Both concern people that I’ve written about. At that point most of the dinar community will likely be in our camp.


      • Hopefully it’s dinar trade but it would be good to see all of them shut down. I’m looking forward to seeing more of these dinar dealers being brought down ! I really can’t believe you have dinar dealers in the USA setting up shops in malls. Are they trying to target the general population now whilst people go about their shopping. Hopefully they detail the risks


  2. Well done Sam and Marcus. Since you two have come together the information your both providing is just awesome. There is a lot that went on between you (Sam) and dinar Corp. Complete corruption is what I describe dinar Corp and all those gurus in dinar land. I have softened to you guys despite my own personal beliefs on the dinar and instead of being a troll I want to be a useful somewhat still delusional dinarian that helps expose these douchbags. Total respect for you Sam and Marcus


    • Thank you for your kind words DB. There is a lot that has happened that people don’t know. We still have not disclosed everything. People want to know why we still comment and write on the dinar. The truth is we comment for many reasons. The attacks that we have received over the years from gurus and dealers a like causes us to defend or position even more. When I see all the victims from this thing and the stories they tell I am appalled at the lack of compassion from gurus and dealers alike. One day they will understand the amount of human suffering their lies and scam has caused, but by then it will be to late.


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