Adam Montana Turns 40


Happy Birthday to James “Adam Montana” Wolf.  Wolfyman turns 40 on June 27, which of course means that he was still 14 years old when Kuwait was liberated in February of 1991.  Which means that it’s extremely unlikely that he made any money on the RV of the Kuwaiti dinar (which never happened anyway), which means that he lied when he told people that he profited on the Kuwaiti dinar in his book “Iraqi Dinar: Real RV Intel”, which means he’s a fraud.

“Adam” made a name for himself in the dinar world as the owner of Dinar Vets, a dinar forum he started in 2009 with a bunch of disgruntled dinarians from Dinar Speculator (a dinar site owned by Rick “Medic” Mattson) where he had served as a mod.  Adam’s background was basically running a porn site and doing search engine optimization (which he apparently learned while running said porn site in a highly competitive market), although he likes to present himself as a well-connected world-traveling entrepreneur in his mid-50s who graduated from Harvard.

Since starting Dinar Vets he has written a couple of books.  The first was the one mentioned above (available on Amazon for $29.95), and the second was “Iraqi Dinar CASH IN Guide”, which is offered for free as it’s basically just a pitch for joining his VIP group for just under $17/mo.  In addition to the books and VIP group he has pitched an asset protection plan featuring offshore tax avoidance and OGIT (Operation Get It There), an unbelievable plan to move dinar to Belize undetected post-RV to avoid a hefty tax imposed by Uncle Sam on all of these new dinar bazillionaires.

I wrote a lot about Adam in 2011/2012 when I realized that he was in fact a dinar douchebag, somebody who claims to be graciously providing helpful services and products to the dinar community when in fact he’s promoting a scam.  Since we learned his true identity and made it known he hasn’t done any conference calls or interviews like he was doing previously.  Gee, wonder why?
Anyway, happy birthday Adam.  Although it might not seem like it right now, in the end there’s no avoiding accountability and justice.  Hopefully before your next birthday we’ll have a photo of you doing the perp walk like your old buddy Rudy did before he rotted in prison.  When that happens rest assured we’ll be on it.


4 thoughts on “Adam Montana Turns 40

  1. I bought Dinar based on Marcus and his analysis. Should I hold my breath if he apologizes that he led people on too? I bet not.


    • Obviously this post struck a nerve. I Highly doubt you purchased dinar based only on my analysis. If you read my disclaimer then you would have known that I strongly advised people to do their own research and not take my word for anything I posted. I also said that I was not a financial adviser. Even if you never read through my entire disclaimer I brought these points up several times in the posts I wrote.

      I also said that my opinion would change if I found information that I was unaware of. Guess what? I discovered information I was not aware of. On January 1st of 2012 I discovered that there was no Kuwaiti Revalue. We were all lied to about that event. This was an effort from the dealers and the gurus to sell even more dinar! This led to a week of research whereupon I discovered that the dinar was a complete scam. It is a complete hoax! Once I learned that, I revamped my blog and removed every post. Then I began to write new posts to share my new information.

      In the first two posts I renounced this entire investment. I told people I no longer believe in the dinar and I shared my personal story. Because many people read my blog at that time, I told everyone that I sold my dinar. I just wanted to share my new found information with everyone. I wanted to set the record straight!

      The whole time this blog was in operation I never recommended buying or selling dinar. It was just speculation on what the dinar would do. I never made one dime from this blog. In fact it cost me money. I spent the last 4 years warning people about this investment. I was mentioned on many forums including DV. Most people thought I lost my mind.

      So if you just recently discovered that the dinar investment is a scam then I would say congratulations. Where were you 4 years ago? I did a search on your screen name hobgoblin238. I found a post on NESARA- REPUBLIC NOW – GALACTIC NEWS and You made the following comment.

      Hobgoblin238 March 2, 2016 at 7:32 PM
      “Your problem is you are listening to the TNT gang. They are all known liars. Tlar, Backdoc, etc. have told the truth. Has the HCL passed yet? No it has not. Until that does turn OFF the gurus! Geez. After 5 years you should know this.

      The HCL is an Adam Montana thing. Which tells me you found this post being an Adam Montana Supporter.

      You should know that there is a big difference between people like James Wolf and myself. For starters I don’t have a VIP club and I never made any money off the currency. James has never renounced the dinar investment as of this comment, and he has not been upfront with people. In his book he claims to be a Harvard Grad which he is not. He has claimed to make money off the fictional Kuwaiti dinar revalue! I have always been honest even if my belief system was wrong. It is also apparent that my site was not the only place you got your information from. I never talk about the HCL. You did not buy dinar based only on my analysis. obviously you have been active on the dinar sites. How could you be unaware of our research on Adam Montana? How could you not know of the warnings we have been giving for the last 4 years?

      I never purposely led anyone on about anything. I just shared what I believed at the time!


  2. jrg. I hope not but, he certainly may get away with it. Anyone who continued to believe the foolish notion of a massive RV for more than a few months probably isn’t smart enough to realize they’ve been scammed.

    I’ve noticed his website has been down for a couple days now for “maintenance”. It’s weird how most site upgrades or changes take seconds to complete and rarely result in the website going off line. Sites like Yahoo and Amazon are far more complex than a simple message board like Dinarvets and, yet, they never go offline for maintenance. I always wondered how Mr. Montana planned to extract himself from this scam. Perhaps he’s going to try to blame a “denial of service” attack as an excuse to shut it down. Whatever he does, I suspect he will have a hard time escaping some of his disgruntled VIP subscribers. Maybe he’s counting on the fact that his subscribers won’t have enough money or will be too embarrassed to pursue civil litigation against him. After all, it is pretty foolish to pay money for wealth management schemes before you have any wealth to manage.

    DinarDaddy’s site has also been “temporarily” down for months with no explanation also. Are these guys feeling some heat for their perpetuation of this fraud? Who knows. But it clearly isn’t the mania it was just a few years ago.


  3. The sad thing is that even if justice eventually prevails and Wolf is lead away in handcuffs his supporters will just claim its all a government conspiracy to keep the little guy down. I suspect that he will evade the silver bracelets due to having a disclaimer on his site that everything there is for entertainment purposes only, but we can still hope. A civil suit might have more of a chance of success but the very folks that were taken in by him are the least likely to want to pursue such an action. So II think there is a pretty good chance he’ll get away with it.


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