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James “Adam Montana” Wolf

Adam Montana is the owner of one of the most popular dinar forums – Dinar Vets. I joined that site as a neophyte dinarian in 2010, and was banned in the summer of 2011 for basically failing to kiss Adam’s derriere.  I started investigating him shortly thereafter and in the spring of 2012, along with my buddy Chris Earl (a.k.a. Chuckles), I discovered the smoking gun that proved that “Adam” is none other than a former porn site owner and corporate recruiter named James Wolf.  After I published my discovery there was a substantial reduction in the traffic and membership at DV.

For whatever reason however, DV is still going today and people are still paying $17/mo for the VIP membership and hanging onto Adam’s every word in his weekly updates about the dinar. I thought it might be time to put a bit more info out there for consideration.

James “Adam Montana” Wolf has a number of websites that he uses for various business interests. In this video you’ll hear James promoting his SEO (Search Engine Optimization) business Frog Force Web Development.

Now I’m no marketing expert, but I think maybe Dr. Bob would get more business if he wasn’t holding a POWER DRILL!

Dr. Bob

Just a thought.

At any rate, if you compare this voice with that of James Wolf on a ski trip  (you can click on the ski video and read the comment from late 2015 to see what his ex thinks of him) and Adam Montana in his audiobook Iraqi Dinar: Real RV Intel

and you’ll see that they’re all the same guy.

Now that I’ve established who Adam is, let’s discuss why he isn’t such an honest, respectable guy. First of all, he said that he was a Harvard grad, but the fact is he didn’t even graduate from high school, let alone a prestigious institution like Harvard.  Secondly, he claims that he bought the Kuwaiti dinar at the right time, but since he was born in 1976 that would have made him about 14 or 15 when people were supposedly making a bundle on the Kuwaiti RV in 1991 (which never happened, but that’s another blog post).

I’ve discussed those issues in the past, but today I’d like to offer another slice of evidence that Adam is in fact a scammer. In the following audio from 2010 you’ll hear “Adam” introducing a man named Frank Buck who helps people with offshore asset protection.  Notice that he sets up the offshore pitch by mentioning a “lottery tax” of 70% just to make people nervous about losing most of their newfound wealth.



Frank Buck

Now, who is Frank Buck? Well, you can read about him at Quatloos, on LinkedIn, and at Dinar Vets (where he went by the name LegalKing), watch his videos on YouTube, and you can listen to the first nine minutes of this conference call from a dinar group called 4GrownUpFolks.

What “Adam” and Frank were doing was basically pitching a wealth protection scheme to people who thought that they were going to get wealthy from the dinar but didn’t actually have any wealth to protect. I remember listening to this call while a member at DV, but I wasn’t interested in buying into it and soon forgot about it.  When I was blogging about the dinar a couple of years ago however, I received an email which refreshed my memory a bit.  I never used this information because I had already pretty much lost interest in the dinar at the time.  But now that I’m back, I think it should be published.

Frank Buck came to us looking for offshore company incorporation services as well as bank account. He introduced himself as a US based attorney at law and his emails had “Attorney at Law” under his name. It took him a few weeks to get on board as he claimed he had to get a few conference calls done. I listened in on one of them and I could tell he had no idea as to what offshore incorporation as well as offshore banking was or how to employ them in a basic setting. Mr. Buck claimed that he represented a group of American Investors who were keen on keeping their funds safe as well as avoiding taxation. He also claimed the investments that his clients participated in were fully regulated and there were no issues whatsoever. Since we only provided legal services there was no need to examine nor question any further the veracity of his claims as this was none of our concern.

First Set of Clients: Deaf Investors

There was a group of deaf individuals in the USA who had come into contact with Frank Buck. He had placed them in one the investment schemes he sponsored. He mentioned that these individuals were very wealthy and were in need of an offshore corporate structure. Based on the information we were given by him we offered him a package which included an offshore company and a bank account. As a reseller agent he sent over applications as well as supporting documents for several dozen people. We proceeded with the orders as requested and provided the bank account forms accordingly as well as the instruction packs. They were shipped to Mr. Buck and there were quite a few issues with him getting the documentation completed by his clients.   We just let it go and chalked it up to him being new to the offshore industry and not knowing how things work. In the end all of these people lost their money to the scam and it was sad to see. This came about when the relationship between Frank Buck and Adam Montana went sour.

Second Set of Clients:

The second group Frank began to work with was a group of HYIP investors who invested funds in a company operated by Terralynn Hoy. They later on formed a company which included Frank himself as a director along with a half dozen or so individuals. You can check the following links as there are others known to Frank such as Roy Sullivan who was a client of his and Ron Howard, Patricia Saa, and Michael Palermo. They all went through Frank to set up Nevada companies as well as offshore companies and accounts. And they appeared on a company that Frank established as an investment company several months after the initial set-ups were made and accounts were opened. I am unaware of what this company and how it operated once it was established. They failed to pay the annual fees and it was struck off. This company was established in the Seychelles by the now defunct Professional Offshore Ltd.

All of these individuals had Nevada companies and they each had one if not more Seychelles companies with bank accounts at Choice Bank Ltd., of Belize. All of them provided a complete application to Frank and he carried out KYC and Due Diligence accordingly. He did know that the situation with them went bad and he never reported such as per the agreement he had with the company at the time. We began to question the entire scenario when there were no annual renewal requests for this particular set of clients. Since we did not contact them at all (due to an agreement between Frank and the firm) we were unaware of what transpired until a few of the clients contacted the RA in the Seychelles and they were sent directly to us.

The Dinar Guys:

This had to be the most controversial and most complicated of all of the clients we have ever had. These people were utterly brainwashed by Frank Buck and Adam Montana. Frank approached me and told me that he had a group of several thousand people who were Forex Investors. They were looking for a way to preserve their privacy as well as avoid hefty taxes from their earnings in the foreign exchange market. I proceeded to provide him with the information on the company structure as well as potential banking solutions. He then asked me to listen in on a conference call with Adam Montana and a few hundred of the elites in the forex trading group. I heard the first 3 to 5 minutes where Frank introduced himself as an international attorney who had a full office in Nevada and Texas. Adam was introduced as the Guru of the Dinar and people were grateful to him for guiding them on the road to financial freedom and wealth. Then the hardcore sales tactics started. The listeners were made to feel as if around every corner there were money hungry and blood thirsty people and government agents ready to pounce on them and the only way to keep these people away and protect their wealth was to obtain a Nevada LLC, Nevada mail drop, and an offshore incorporation and bank account package.   As we all know, an offshore company can provide asset protection but I think they did go overboard and there was a large amount of pressure on the listeners.

Frank requested a conference call with Adam Montana a few days later and I said sure why not. During the conversation Frank kept calling Adam by the name James and Adam kept chewing him out for it until he said – look if you can’t call me Adam then no more calls. Adam expressed that his people were gung-ho about getting this all set up as soon as possible and that the first set of clients would be about 200 and they were VIP members who had large amounts invested in forex.

Once the first set was completed we began to get a few calls from Frank’s Dinar clients. They began to ask questions on how to manage their companies and they had some questions on how to complete the bank account applications.

Several hundred additional applications were placed and the services were provided as requested. Suddenly the phones in our offices were attacked by calls from 8:00 until 17:00 from people who had established companies through Frank Buck for Adam. By this time we were well aware that Adam was using a pen name on the net as many people do and we were aware that his name was James Wolfe and his alleged wife was Sara who we never heard from by phone. She only sent emails from a gmail account.

The phone lines were bombarded stating that the dinar was going to RV. Now, no one in the office knew what an RV was other than a mobile home on wheels. We all were and are legal professionals and most of us did not learn English as a first language. This would not be the last of such a swarm on our office phones concerning an RV.

During all of this alleged RV Madness we had people call us yelling and screaming that they were now going to be multi-millionaires in a few days and they needed specialized services NOW and that all deals would be done in Dinars. These people were out of their minds and in the end we had to just divert their calls and have messages taken. Some of the outlandish things they came up with were caravans to Belize to go to Choice Bank Ltd. Many of their clients had stated that Adam and Frank had told them that the only way to get the Dinars to Belize and avoid all of the money hungry people that would be after them as well as the government would be to go in groups of caravans to Belize by land. (Sounds like a Sci-Fi movie to me.) The funny thing is that Choice Bank Ltd. was playing along with the guys in order to get clients. They did not care one bit and they were receiving the same types of calls and at no moment did they ever contact our offices or did they ever request that Frank Buck or anyone else to cease sending them dinar clients. This is when I began to put the brakes on and gather information. We even had a lady claim that she was going to buy a Royal Title with her new found wealth and wanted to know if we could have her company documents changed now into her new name and she would be glad to pay us the equivalent in Dinar at 1Dinar = US$3.50 as this was the alleged exchange rate that Adam was telling these people.

Once I began to investigate I found out that Adam was charging people US$400 for name reservations for companies which are free for 30 days. His clients were also being charged about 5 times what our legal fees were to Frank Buck and we all knew Frank was getting about US$500 to US$700 per company he set up for Dinar Vets and Adam’s people and Adam was getting almost US$3000 for the basic structure. Frank then had issues with Adam as Frank tried to set up his own dinar group but Adam got wind of it and sent him a cease and desist order. Adam then continued to set up dozens of companies and the issues continued to pour in with people wanting to know what we knew about the RV. We just sent these people to Adam and left it at that until some very weird calls came in. At this point we decided to cut all ties with Adam Montana and Frank Buck. They were two clowns made for each other. So, what happened then – well, we received the same cease and desist order from Adam’s attorney which threatened us that if we contacted their clients that he would take us to court. WHATEVER – a singe line email blew that out of the water – “Show me a contract…”, I never heard a response.

So, what about Frank Buck. The old Buckaroo says he is an attorney. We asked for details and docs and never got any. Then he claimed he was a retired attorney but still practiced law – ummmmm, you still need a valid license to practice law – duhhhh! He claimed to practice law in Nevada and then in Texas. We checked him out and what did we find? He is not a lawyer in either state and they requested that we complete forms in order to file a complaint.

Here is the latest Nevada search:

He also claimed to be an incorporator in Nevada and we found out he used a low cost online service as well as a mail drop in Nevada to set up companies for his clients.

The Great State of Texas has also shed some light and there is no Frank Buck listed at the State Bar as well.

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So who is Frank Buck?

This is what he says he is but we cannot find him as a corporate attorney anywhere nor has he provided any documents or details as to his studies. So, looking at things from a practical viewpoint he is not an attorney unless he can verify otherwise which I doubt. There are so many lies in which he is telling in order to make innocent people believe he is their answer to financial freedom. These lies allow him to take large sums of money form people for services they do not need and could not afford in the first place.

An overview of Adam Montana and Frank Buck

Adam Montana (James Wolfe) and Frank Buck were and still may be two peas in a pod. They went after innocent people who were also fueled by greed. Frank is fueled by greed as he is retired and looking for a way to make an extra buck sitting on his backside and Adam is even greedier and on a major power trip. They have devised a plan to make people think they are going to become rich someday either by HYIP, Dinars, or any other online get rich quick scheme. Because Frank does not have the smarts to come up with a program on his own he peddles a forum as well as offshore services to people who are on a shoestring budget anyway. If these people could afford the US$2000 and up he charges for an offshore structure they would not be going to him as he is onshore as well as there is NO ATTORNEY CLIENT PRIVILEGE as he is NOT AN ATTORNEY. A basic subpoena and all of your documents that are laying around in Frank’s home office can be confiscated. Frank saw a money making scheme with Adam and Adam enjoyed the idea of being the savior of many people. Those people thought and some probably still do think he is God. He offered them the world and riches and Frank came along an offered to protect them from the government as well as all of those jealous people who would try to take their newly begotten riches from them. In the end what did Frank and Adam/James do? They scammed many people out of their cash. Some of their clients were making payments to their credit card companies for dinar and offshore companies that were worthless to them as they had no real purpose.

Why were these companies a scam?

The entire structure of a Seychelles IBC and a Belize bank account was a sham. It was a scheme to make people think that they needed to protect their Dinar. Most of these people have only a few hundred dollars worth of Iraqi Dinar which was purchased and not earned. By purchasing these Dinar they are more like a collectible than anything else. So let’s say you have just purchased 1,000,000IQD today at the current exchange rate you will have spent around US$860. Now why on God’s green earth would you pay over US$2000 to protect US$860? The exchange rate has not changed in favor of the dinar holders that much so those millions of dinar purchased are worth pretty much the same as they were a few years back if not less. Taking that into consideration the package sold by these thugs has an annual renewal fee of US$1000 and Choice Bank Ltd., requires a US$1000 minimum deposit of which there is a fee for transferring the funds to the bank as well as a US$10 fee to deposit the funds on your account and an additional US$10 fee to maintain your account every month. So in a years time you will spend around US$3200 to protect your US$860 investment. That is 3.72 times the value of the investment itself so I think you can see where this is headed.

What does Choice Bank Ltd. of Belize have to offer?

Nothing! They are in on the entire ordeal as well. They want deposits in order to make it look like they are a growing bank and if they can get a few dozen people per month who are participating in this Dinar scheme to make the minimum deposit then the bank will benefit. Most of these people do not understand that they are now on a list of people who are going to be reported to the IRS under the FATCA legislation. Choice has also teamed up with Frank Buck and they are now serving yet another one of his Forex Scams. He is currently convincing Americans that they are in dire need of offshore companies in order to protect the millions they can make in the Forex market. Yet another scam going after people who are already finding it hard to make ends meet. SO Choice is happy to see their money come in as every dollar they get in their pot they can then lend out in Belize for an average of 18% interest per annum.

This information makes it clear to me that “Adam” has indeed been exploiting the very members who sing his praises on a regular basis. Click here to read an email “Adam” sent a few years ago to his VIP members.

You can read my other posts on Adam Montana in the links below.



3 thoughts on “Adam Montana and Frank Buck

  1. I really don’t know what to say about Adam Montana but he has been good to me when I got banned twice and allowed me back on. It’s the likes of tnt that I don’t approve of. Adam won’t let me join vip and I guess i probably don’t need it.


  2. Montana is particularly deceitful. He has sucked hundreds of thousands of dollars from his VIP subscribers for what? For access to a wealth preservation plan in case the dinar RVs? If these people become unimaginably wealthy if the dinar RVs do they really think it would be difficult to find attorneys and financial advisors and planners? Who does that? And do they really care? It’s patently ridiculous. So what are they paying for? All they’re paying for is access to a group that makes them feel “special”. For a few hundred dollars a year they get their ego stroked and their self-esteem reinforced. They get told what clever, intelligent and “special” people they are. That’s it. It’s psychological counselling, only it’s far more expensive (and less effective).


  3. Indeed, Adam is a con man through and through and a pretty good one. In many ways he is worse then the “gurus” who are so obviously full of nonsense. He spews the same lies, actively cons his subscribers yet by never claiming people will be millionaires tomorrow, even saying the RV might never happen, and putting down the gurus he makes himself appear more sensible to his flock. Here is a classic example form his most recent chat.

    “I think your line of questioning is trying to figure out where the wealth will come from. Let’s ask a different question: When the value of the IQD plummeted from 3:1 to 1:2000 USD:IQD, where did that wealth go? Was the USD suddenly made stronger? Did it have any major effect on the USD, or any other currency? No, it did not. This is a fiat currency that we are talking about. If it was required that the value be attached to something physical, like gold, it would be a different story. But in this case, the value does not have to be tied to anything.

    That takes most of the logic and reasoning out of the equation. And for us, that is a good thing.”

    Of course just bald faced lies, but his flock drink it down as sounding so reasonable. Since he control the medium by which they get information and simply bans anyone who objects, I suspect he can keep it up for years to come.


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