April Update

Well another month another thirty days of guru BS and no RV.  I trust you all had a good Easter and are enjoying the warmer weather.  Marcus and I are starting to “market” the scam nature of the dinar investment on YouTube.  Below is the first video produced in this campaign.

Also, as many of you know I blogged about the dinar from 2011-2014. During that time somebody sent me some information about the site Dinar Recaps.  They gave me the owner’s name and told me that they paid the state of New Jersey $15 (I think) for the information.  I confirmed his name from a trusted source, but since I couldn’t link to it I never published the name.  I just posted a link to the state’s business lookup website.

Well today I am confident enough of this information to make a copy of the registration public.

Dinar Recaps Reg

You can download a copy of the registration here.  Dinar Recaps Registration

To read the research that I did on Dinar Guru and Dinar Recaps in 2013 click here.

That’s all for now.