Podcast 4 – “Sam I Am” part 3

podcast 7Well now, all my cards are on the table with this latest podcast. At this point you should see that Sam is in the process of bringing his archives over. You should also see a new post from him on occasion. He has freedom to write about anything he wants to say. We are now equal partners in Iraq Currency Watch and now this is just as much his blog as it is mine. I think the merging of our two sites is a great mix. Hopefully many of Sam’s readers will be pleased with the results.

So now I give the invitation to all of Sam’s readers to subscribe. Actually, anyone who wants to can subscribe by clicking  the follow Iraq Currency Watch blue button to the right. By subscribing you will be informed whenever a new post or podcast is posted. Any email address that is provided is kept confidential and you will never receive advertisements! You will only be notified when Sam and I release a post or a podcast. You can also remove yourself from the list at any given time. Many great things are coming to Iraq Currency Watch. So if you enjoy the content you should join the hundreds of people who have already subscribed. It does not cost you anything to do this.

When I initially interviewed Sam for the Podcast we had 3 segments which became massive. So I decided to make each segment a separate podcast. I already posted the first two podcasts in my last post. Now we are releasing part 3. Some more surprises await.

podcast 4


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Just a note of clarification, I could not remember the name of the document the government served SCG. I called it a consumer complaint when it fact it was a civil complaint. I am sorry about the confusion.

Our Friend TNTBS

Sam’s blog identified many of the people who were lying about this investment. This was the reason for his identity. Since his site has closed down others have taken on his cause. Below you will see a video from our friend TNTBS. Much of this information is based on Sam’s research. He also adds his own research into the mix. TNTBS presents this information in an entertaining and amusing approach.

Podcast Notes

Defending  The Faith





Jew and Greek








cropped-06-gcr-mockup6.jpgThe Truth About The Coming Global Currency Reset