Podcast 2 and 3 – “Sam I Am” Interview

Podcast 1In the last Podcast I mentioned that I was going to interview Sam I Am. Sam had one of the most popular anti-dinar blogs on the internet. He closed his site down in the spring of 2015. Now he is having a tell all interview with me. How exciting!

SamTypically on a Podcast I will have 3 segments. I typed about 17 questions down in a Microsoft Word document. I was hoping to have enough material for all 3 segments. As it turns out I recorded 3 separate segments. We talked for 3 hours and I only got to ask a few questions from the word document. We discussed many things from our dinar years. I decided to divide each segment into a totally separate podcast. So without further ado here is the first Podcast with Sam i Am

podcast 4


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Sam I Am – Part 1

podcast 2We had a lot of fun reminiscing about dinar days of old. As we talked about some of the people who shaped the dinar community we had a few good laughs over  the stories of what some of these guys said and did. So I am going to share the second part of the interview with Sam I Am. You will find the third podcast for this site below. There is one more segment after this but I will release it in another post. Between part 1 above and part 2 below you should get a pretty good background about Sam and his experience with the dinar.

Sam I Am – Part 2

So if you listened to both of these podcasts then you found out a lot of secrets about the dinar community. You also found out what is in store for this site. Some great changes are coming. I hope you find these podcasts entertaining. Thank you for taking the time to listen!

6 thoughts on “Podcast 2 and 3 – “Sam I Am” Interview

  1. I assume that Adam Montana (Wolfy) pulled the old lawsuit trick hence no talk of Sams greatest discovery. I was aware of “Adam” since I had a contact in his town.


    • Actually we never received any legal problems from him. We have great lawyers that represent us in legal matters. For the most part I left him alone and I personally never wrote about him. We do have the truth on our side. Nothing that was ever posted was fabricated. You would be surprised at how far that goes to protect you.


  2. Hey guys it’s Kenny, Glad to see you back in the ring Sam. Now all we need to do is get Baghdad Invest back in here. Just got done giving a new forum called Western States Open Mind Network so much hell in the last week they need to call it TNT jr now LMAO They went from we let anybody talk about anything to a closed “no more members” having hosts “mods” and a sheriff “Pam” at the site LMAO. I gave them so much hell they even gave me my own room on there “Wit and Wisdom of Kenny LMAO. That lasted 3 days when I was getting more views than all the other forums put together LMAO. They stopped the auto comments going on their chatbox stream so people wouldn’t check me out lol. I had 12 posts and 3 of them came off of here I had a 1005 views of TNTBS who is Mnt Goat and even had recaps commenting it wasn’t him LMAO. I have “hide my ass” and had 2 Iraqis there saying they just left the Mosque and it was done people shooting their guns in the air and they checked my Ip Add and it showed the middle east so they fell for it hook,line,and sinker LMAO. 1 of the idiots had enough smarts to look at the Ip further a few hrs later and seen it came from an Ip farm I guess and told the Iraqis to email them which I came out laughing my ass off telling them how dumb they were. I had 1 guy saying “Wish Kenny was here to see this” LMAO. So I’ve had a ball there and it’s a closed forum now so newbies won’t get sucked in and had 16 pm thanking me for the info bc they seen now it was a scam so it was worth the about 30hrs I put in making about 50 accs and setting up my forum and razzing them. Thanks guys for all the hard work and time you’ve done for the enlightenment of 1000s of people. But I realize it’s still going pretty strong with 1500 people signing up in 2 weeks to that forum even though they seen TONY TURD go to prison. A lot of the people there are from the TNT forum so a lot of people will only figure it out when Iraq RDs. Not even the source they use “oil” as their reserve in the fairy tale losing 70% in a year will awaken them because they stay in the guru world where IKO said when 10 ships dock in Iran “the rial is going to rv now if u haven’t heard” the rv will happen LMAO. So keep up the great work guys and I’ll keep being a pest to them PEACE Kenny


    • Hi Kenny,

      I am sorry it took a day or so to approve your comment. Now all the comments automatically go to review before they are released. This is in part because of legal reasons. I have been watching your success over at Western States Open Mind Network. You are doing an awesome job over there Kenny. You make us all proud. I was recently in contact with TNTBS and Sam was on one of his conference calls. I am going to use some of his videos over here on ICW. Hopefully we will be able to have him on a Podcast. I like this guy.He is pretty funny. Keep up the good work my friend and keep us posted about what’s going on over at Western States.


  3. TNTBS Here!! ( ┏’‘)┏ BAM ┓(‘‘┓) yes it’s me the one and only The Guru Hunter… I’ll be contacting you shortly. Love the show & site.


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