Podcast 1 The Dinar Scam

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Welcome to the first podcast for Iraq Currency Watch. This first podcast is more of an experiment. I am learning as I go so please be patient. Your feedback in the comment area will be most helpful. I have listened to several different podcasts to get an idea as to how to do this. In this podcast I review a brief history of Iraq Currency Watch. I also reveal new information regarding Sam I am. We also go over a valuable new resource that I think many people will find useful. The best thing about this resource is the fact that it is absolutely 100 percent free. I think many people will benefit from this. I hope you enjoy the first podcast from Iraq Currency Watch.

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Podcast Notes

Podcast 1In this area you will find the things referenced in the Podcast. First and foremost are the first videos I made regarding Kodi. They are listed below. The first video covers downloading and installing. the rest of the videos deal with customizing and configuring Kodi.

Check The YouTube channel  Building A Multimedia Center for more information

From the TV show called Front Line, The episode called Losing Iraq can be found below. Just click on it.

Losing Iraq

Thank You for listening to the first Podcast from Iraq Currency Watch.

8 thoughts on “Podcast 1 The Dinar Scam

  1. Hey Marcus,
    Good job on the podcast I think. A few nits
    * the more conversational it sounds the better I think, but maybe I’m just biased as the two PodCasts I listen to (Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me and RadioLab) are both that way.
    * It sounded a little odd when you referred to yourself in the 3rd person pitching your first book.
    * The transition to talking about kodi was a little odd, but more so when you offer Kodi as the first method to play a Frontline episode (note no space in Frontline) which seemed more strange, as opposed to something like “To watch it just click on the link in the PodCast notes that will take you to the PBS site, or search for with your TV and of course Kodi will easily ….”. Kodi first just struck me as odd.
    * You might consider having the announcer read something different for each PodCast. So instead of “you are listening to ICW with Marcus Curtis”, you could add “todays topic is about with special guest …”. WWDTM does that, and while its a comedy which is pretty different, it seems like a nice touch.

    Keep up the good work!


    • Hi Pat,

      Please be aware that Internet Explorer may not work with the Podcast. I tested the Podcast with this browser and I could not get it to work. You may need to use a different browser like Google Chrome or Fire Fox. Internet Explore has been discontinued by Microsoft. They no longer update it. If you are still in internet Explorer right click on the Podcast and click save as. That should allow you to download the audio to your computer. Please let me know if you are still having issues.


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