The Scammers And The Pumpers,

I caught a lot of heat in January of 2012 when I claimed the dinar was a scam. People thought I fell off the deep end. I invested in the Iraqi dinar and then I talked about it on this blog. I strongly supported it until my study of currency revealed a whole different story. I told everyone to sell their dinar as soon as they could. I said that if Iraq redenominates there will be no dealers around to provide any liquidity. I said that this so-called dinar investment is really a scam. The dinar is a game of musical chairs. Anyone caught holding dinar when this thing finishes will be the people who lose everything.

Now it seems as though the whole so-called investment is crashing down all around us. Shortly after Tony goes to jail (see last post) we witness the government action of raiding the offices belonging to Sterling Currency Group aka Dinar Banker. They also seized assets such as aircraft, and expensive luxury cars. This happened on June 3rd, just 6 days after Tony was sentenced. Check out the raids with the following links.

Even though the dinar community is surprised by this it comes as no real surprise to me. As I watch the traffic from this site I see that the dinar is big on an international level too. Just last month alone I got traffic from United States, Canada, Malaysia, Taiwan, just to name a few. I also get a lot of traffic from Puerto Rico. The dinar is huge there. Now it seems that some dinar business in Puerto Rico was raided too.

“The raid conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation during the morning in a business that sells dinars, located on Roosevelt, Hato Rey Avenue, is related to a fraud investigation,”

“FBI agents, accompanied by the IRS and police officers in Puerto Rico, arrived at about 7:00 am at the offices of Internet Management Mendez. Quinones explained that could be there until noon.

He said that, in general, in raids seeking documents and computers.”

Today I have been reading through the civil complaint for the government’s case against Sterling Currency Group.  I can tell you that those boys are in a bit of trouble. Let me quote directly from the civil complaint so we all know the people involved.

“This Complaint seeks forfeiture of the below-listed properties to the United States as proceeds of specified unlawful activities and properties involved in money laundering offenses of Sterling Currency Group, LLC (“Sterling”); Sterling Online Processing Services, LLC (Sterling Online); GID Partners, LLC (GID); Alex Capital Holdings LLC (Alex); James Shaw (J.Shaw); Carole Laurette Shaw (C.Shaw); Tyson Rhame (Rhame); Frank Bell (Bell), and other entities controlled by these same businesses and individuals that have used the facilities of interstate commerce in a scheme to defraud investors in the Iraqi dinar by publishing and disseminating false information about the viability of that currency as an investment:”

Wow the dinar as an investment is actually false? Of course this is according to the complaint. What does the Department Of Justice really know about the dinar anyway? (Sarcasm) Now that we know who all the players are, the civil complaint proceeds to list the assets that the government will seize.  Some of these include various real estate properties, luxury cars, and even three airplanes. I will quote directly from the civil complaint again,

“Based on the evidence described below, the Defendant Properties are subject to forfeiture to the United States pursuant to 18 U.S.C. § 981(a)(1)(C) as proceeds of specified unlawful activity traceable directly and indirectly to violations of 18 U.S.C. §§  1341, 1343, 1349, 1956, and 1957. 3.Additionally, the Defendant Properties are subject to forfeiture to the United States pursuant to 18 U.S.C. § 981(a)(1)(A) as property involved in money laundering offenses in violation of 18 U.S.C. §§ 1956 and 1957.”

“Since at least 2004, Sterling Currency Group, LLC (“Sterling”), an Atlanta, Georgia-based business that also does business under the name Dinar Banker, has become one of the largest sellers of Iraqi dinar in the United States.  While Sterling also offers the sale of what its website calls “other exotic currencies,” including the Vietnamese Dong, Indonesian Rupiah, Afghani, and Chinese Yuan, the bulk of Sterling’s business comes from the sale of the Iraqi dinar.”

“8. Sterling is one of several money service businesses in the United States that purchases the Iraqi dinar abroad for sale to customers in the United States and Canada.”

“9.Sterling purchases its inventory of dinar notes from exchangers in the Middle East, transports the notes in bulk to the United States via commercial carrier, retrieves the notes from Hartsfield Jackson International Airport, and trucks them Case 1:15-cv-02032-LMM   Document 2   Filed 06/09/15   Page 14 of 48”

“15 for storage to a business location in Atlanta, Georgia, where they remain available to fill customer orders placed on its websites (initially at and now at and over the telephone.”

“10.Sterling operates in partnership with Sterling Online Processing (“Sterling Online”), which provides administrative services for Sterling, as well as GID Partners (“GID Partners”),  which is an Iraqi dinar exchanger purchased by Sterling.”

“Sterling’s success is at least partially attributable to its use of the facilities of interstate commerce, including wire communications, both directly and indirectly, to disseminate false and misleading information about the possibility of a revaluation of the dinar and to steer customers toward choosing Sterling over its competitors.”

“16.The revaluation (or simply, “RV”) theory has spread throughout the Internet and is promoted by a variety of internet blogs and individuals who hold themselves out to be currency experts or “dinar gurus.”  According to the RV theory, the dinar will experience an abrupt, exponential rise in value against the U.S. dollar and hence yield enormous profits for dinar holders.”

“17.An individual who worked for Sterling from approximately 2013 to 2015 confirmed that Bell at one point told customer service center representatives in a meeting that there would never be an Iraqi dinar revaluation.  Bell instructed the representatives not to tell callers that the revaluation will never occur but to tell the callers to do their own research”

This is the reason I said that dealers would not be around in the event of a redenomination. If certain dealers are breaking the law, and they are, then other dealers will close up shop as well due to liability issues in the event of a redenomination. The civil law suits will be enough to cause everyone to get out. Not just the civil complaints brought from The Department Of Justice, but the civil suits brought through private parties as well.

Perhaps the saddest part of the whole thing is that these people knew they were breaking the law. Email communications between the people at Sterling bring this out and they are even listed in the complaint. The people at Sterling knew that Iraq would not revalue and they knew this as early as 2010. Not only did they continue to sell dinar to people who thought there would be a revalue, but they had pumpers on the payroll to promote that idea! Let us look at some of the emails listed in the civil complaint.

“Email communications between Rhame, J.Shaw, C.Shaw, and Bell confirm that these individuals know that the concept of the dinar revaluation is a scam.

‘On November 3, 2010, J.Shaw sent an email to Rhame entitled, “Discussion Point,” an email that he also forwarded to C.Shaw, which read, in part:  Ty, The point of my call was not to talk about net worth. We have a business that I valued at $8-10 million in that formula (SCG). Laurette and I do not think about how much is hers and mine as you do in your relationship (like I should give her 99% of profits). We are 50-50 partners on everything and if we ever split up we would divide all assets as such. She has lately been very nervous and was crying last night because she knows we are running an illegal operation.  The point is that her [sic] and I have worked way too hard in life for us to risk everything based on your belief (even if I agree with you) that the Iraqi dinar will not RV and it is ok to make millions of dollars in false promises to our customers. Not only are we risking everything we own, we are risking serious jail time as promoters of a ponzi scheme. . . Jim”

“Additionally, a March 22, 2011, set of emails further shows that Rhame and C.Shaw were aware of Sterling’s wrongdoing.  a.Specifically, on that date, Rhame sent C.Shaw an email that copied J.Shaw with the subject, “Comments related to AMENDED Operating Agreement” in which he asserted, “This amendment is complete bullshit written for the purpose of obtaining banking. Jim and Ty are operation [sic] under the original partnership agreement. We are 50% partners and his ass will go to prison if mine does.” b.Thereafter, C.Shaw replied, “and won’t your asses have an interesting time there. NOT.

“Sterling’s unlawful business practices fall into at least two categories.  First, Sterling unlawfully used at least one revaluation promoter to disseminate false Case 1:15-cv-02032-LMM   Document 2   Filed 06/09/15   Page 19 of 48”

“20 information and steer prospective dinar purchasers toward Sterling.  Second, Sterling used telephone conversations and its own web site to make false representations and false promises to its customers.”

“Sterling has knowingly benefitted from false representations made by web sites and blogs, including “The GET Team.”

“24. The GET Team, which is led by an individual known as TerryK, runs an internet chat room and weekly conference calls in which information about the Iraqi dinar is discussed.  During those chats and conferences, TerryK spreads false information suggesting that the revaluation is about to occur.”

“25.In a September 13, 2010, email, TerryK introduced himself to Rhame:  Ty, My name is TerryK, I own the worlds [sic] largest Dinar web site going….we have currently 7200 members and currently we hold two calls a week with about 1500 on the call and 100’s if not 1,000’s on skype listening in…what I would like to do is open a discussion with you and maybe have you on a call this coming wed night.  It starts at 9pm and thought maybe 10-15 min on how you operate, how to cash in with your firm and then a question and answers session….let me know via email [sic].   terryk.”

“26.Thereafter, beginning at least as early as 2011, Sterling began making monthly payments in the amount of $4,000 to TerryK.  In total, Sterling has paid TerryK more than $150,000 since 2011.

“27.Since TerryK’s 2010 email, Sterling employees, including Bell and Rhame, have routinely spoken on the GET Team’s weekly conference calls.  For example,”

“28.In the GET Team chat room and during the weekly conference calls, TerryK also passed along false information purportedly received from sources about the revaluation of the Iraqi dinar and other currencies (such as the Vietnamese dong).

a.For example, on the January 8, 2014, conference call, TerryK stated that a source at Wells Fargo said that it would take at most 10 to 15 minutes to process the exchange of Iraqi dinar.

b.Additionally, on the March 12, 2014, conference call, TerryK stated that a source at Wells Fargo had told him “it” was supposed to happen but that the time kept changing.

c.Likewise, on the April 16, 2014, conference call, TerryK said that he had heard from the “UST,” a reference to the U.S. Department of Treasury, that the rate was good and that everything would be released that week.”

“29.On June 3, 2015, TerryK acknowledged during an interview with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) that he had fabricated source information on GET Team online postings and conference calls.”

“30.In fact, the U.S. Department of Treasury is not preparing and has never prepared for an Iraqi dinar revaluation.   31.Similarly, Wells Fargo does not trade in the Iraqi dinar and also warns its customers not to invest in it.  In fact, a publicly available Well Fargo Advisors Memorandum dated March 10, 2014, states that Wells Fargo is not preparing for an Iraqi dinar revaluation and has no plans whatsoever to exchange the Iraqi dinar.   32.Moreover, a November 7, 2011, email exchange between TerryK, Rhame and Bell confirms that TerryK and Sterling have sought to keep the specific nature of their relationship secret.   a.On that date, TerryK sent an email to Rhame and Bell that read:  I want to make sure that our arrangement is between us and no one else…As no one else needs to know about our arrangement…   Please confirm…   Thanks for all you guys do... [sic]” b.Bell’s reply, sent that same day, read, “Absolutely noone [sic] but us [sic].” 33.Although on May 28, 2015, Bell represented to the FBI during an interview that Sterling maintains a “firewall” between itself and revaluation promoters, email records belie his assertions.  a.For instance, on May 2, 2012, TerryK sent an email to Bell that read as follows:  Case 1:15-cv-02032-LMM   Document 2   Filed 06/09/15   Page 22 of 48

23 You should have gotten a lot of business on the reserves the past week, been pushing it hard on the site bro…..make sure TY is not selling dinar from the middle table that one is mine.….[sic]” Bell’s reply, sent the following day, read, “TK, Will do, thanks for your support.”  b.Likewise, on March 11, 2013, TerryK sent Bell an email that read,  FYI Received payment today, thanks for following up..What else can I do to help sales for your team? Just let me know buddy, I will be in the room later today to get some things moving as well [sic]. c.Also, on July 22, 2013, TerryK sent Bell an email reading as follows:  Frank, please find attached the banner invoice for the month of August 2013, I trust things are going well, as we keep promoting the heck out of Sterling.. [sic] If there is anything you need let me know.”

“34.On June 3, 2015, Bell acknowledged to FBI agents that Sterling should not have continued to do business with the dinar promoters.”

You can read the civil complaint in full by clicking on the link below

Channel 2 goes into further details about this case. Check out the next link


As usual, I have a few observations. The first one is the fact that this is just a civil complaint from the Department Of justice. I strongly suspect that criminal charges may soon follow.

The second observation is that the government has finally acknowledged that the revalue is not going to happen and marketing the dinar on such a notion is not only untruthful, it is outright fraud. So much so that the government has been keeping intimate details on email records from various dealers at the very least since 2010. If I was a dealer and I had pumpers on the payroll I would be very worried at this point. Because more than likely the government is watching those dealers too and it decided to move against one of the biggest ones first.

My third observation is that the government moved against Puerto Rico and Sterling at roughly the same time. Although the civil complaint is dated the 9th. The raid from channel 2 news has a date of June 3rd. That is the same day that the government moved on Puerto Rico. Both raids happened at 7 am. Both raids involved the IRS and the FBI. So my question is obvious. Are these two Raids connected? Did SCG have any involvement with the Puerto Rico dinar business? I am not saying that they did and I do not know, but this is one hell of a coincidence!

My fourth observation is that this was just a few days after Tony’s sentence. Tony once said that he worked for Sterling on a conference call. I heard it myself. Another point is that his reduced sentence was very light for a plea bargain. He was looking at about 21 years for each count and he had 4 counts. He was also looking at a 250,000 dollar fine for each count. His sentence was greatly reduced. They dismissed 3 counts and only convicted him on 1 count. He has no fines to pay, and he is only serving 1 year and one day in jail. This is according to his sentence. Look at the last post to verify. This reduction is a lot more than what you would normally get in any plea bargain deal.

Is the reason for this due to information Tony provided about Sterling Currency Group? He had a banner for Sterling on his site. In the end I don’t know for sure, but consider the timing of the events and it would be easy to conclude that this goes beyond coincidence. Notice that Bell said “dinar promoters” as in more than one? In the end I really don’t know for sure.

When the BH group went down it was 6 months before we knew anything about what was going on. I think as time goes on more details will be revealed.

My fifth and final observation is that SCG is not the only dinar dealer that has paid gurus. I am not going to name any names but I know there are others as well. Will the same thing happen to them? Is Sterling the beginning of a process that will shut down dealers and thus remove liquidity for the dinar? Although I will say that I don’t keep tabs on every dealer, and even though there may actually be some honest ones out there, I know of a few that are not. They have pumpers too and those dealers know who they are. I would be worried if I were them.

I was telling the truth all along. The dinar investment is a scam, dealers won’t be around if Iraq redenominates, there is 30 trillion in dinar sitting outside of Iraq’s borders, this current dinar scam bears many similarities to the same scam Iraq did with the Swiss dinar, dinar has been exported all over the world in many different countries, and Iraq was exporting their currency which caused their reserves to grow at an abnormal rate!

When you stand back and look at the big picture you’ve got to ask yourself one question. Why did it take the government so long to do anything about this scam? Well now it looks like they have been building cases the whole time! Just how many cases has yet to be determined. In the end justice may come slowly, but when it finally arrives it will be quick and severe.

Just a final note to all you fake dinar pumpers who pretend to be Christians so you can take credit for boosting your sales. I have heard you pray on conference calls in the name of the Lord and I have heard you ask for God’s blessings when all the while you knew this thing was a scam! I caught you in lies! You targeted the Christian community in an effort to put money in your own pocket. Your judgement day is approaching too! Let me share one scripture with you.

Galatians 6:7-9King James Version (KJV)

7 Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

8 For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting.

Due to the emotionally charged nature of this topic all comments will need to be reviewed and approved before they are posted. I will approve your comments as quickly as possible should you decide to leave one.

If you purchased dinar please note the following form below.





18 thoughts on “The Scammers And The Pumpers,

  1. Marcus,

    Nice write up on this whole Dinar RV scam that has been going on. I have some family members that have invested in the Dinar (and maybe other currencies as well, don’t really know) and finally when Tony’s guilty plea came I was hoping that would end it, but I showed them the guilty plea and apparently that is not enough and they are still believing in a Dinar RV.

    The one thing that I am a little confused on is this. Like you I find it at least interesting that the guilty plea with the 1 year sentence (seems like a very light sentence) came at the same time of the FBI Sterling raid. So I was thinking as well, that Tony was being paid by Sterling and has now given up some information on Sterling to the FBI and therefore Tony got the light sentence on the 14dailyplus case. But if that was the case, would the FBI still allow Tony to continue pumping the Dinar on his calls. It seems like as part of the deal Tony would have to stop his TNT Dinar calls. And what I would really have liked if Tony had to go on a TNT call and tell his followers that everything he has been saying has been a lie and he never believed the Dinar would really RV and he has just been ripping people off all along. I think if Tony had done that my family members might come to their senses.

    I just listened to todays call from Tony (June 26, 2015) and Tony is telling people that most likely if you have any reserves you won’t be getting them back. And to go to plan B which is to buy as much currency as you can from whoever you can. So Tony is still pumping the Dinar just as always.

    So what do you think (including anybody, especially Deb who has provided some other great info such as the link to the repurposed website and the info on the 14dailyplus case appearing to have been transferred out of Kansas City, very informative). I am confused as to why a light sentence unless he provided info for the Sterling case but surely they wouldn’t allow him to keep pumping the Dinar. It would seem impossible that the FBI doesn’t know about Tony and his calls because I think he is probably the most widely known person in Dinar world I think. So what do you all think?



    • Hi Don

      You raise a lot of really interesting points and to be honest I really don’t know all the details. From what I understand the plea deal is a year and a day in jail. While he is in jail he should not have access to any way to pump dinar. I really don’t follow the dinar as close as I use too so I don’t have all the information

      Allow me to speculate a bit. If this is wrong hopefully someone will correct me. My understanding is that the PSIR is not completed yet. I do not know if he is in jail now or if he is waiting for the final Report to be completed. I suspect that he will be taken into custody the day of the sentencing.

      “Presentence Investigation Report or PSIR is a legal term referring to the investigation into the history of person convicted of a crime before sentencing to determine if there are extenuating circumstances which should ameliorate the sentence or a history of criminal behavior to increase the harshness of the sentence.”– Wikipedia

      Usually these reports must be completed before sentencing. The final report must contain only accurate information.

      “The goal is to produce a report that the court may rely upon at sentencing.” -Wikipedia

      It is my understanding that the guilty plea is separate from the sentencing date. He may not be in prison right now because he is waiting for the sentence date.

      The plea deal states that he is to be given no more then 1 year and 1 day in prison. This does not mean they will give him even that amount of time. The report actually determines the whole sentence. So he will be sentenced soon. That may be the day he is taken into custody and he finally goes to prison. I don’t really know if he is in prison right now or not. I suspect that he is not there yet. He should not be able to run his scams from prison.

      Once again, I don’t know the details. I am just speculating at this point!


      • Marcus,

        I am pretty sure Tony is not in jail, because he did a 1 hour call today ( . And you didn’t say it, but I guess you are saying that even if part of the plea deal was for Tony to stop doing calls, that wouldn’t come into affect until the sentence is set which of course is after the PSIR. Hadn’t thought of that and it makes total sense of how the whole process would work (no idea, just to this novice it makes sense).

        Also just an FYI, the web site tracks Tony and in it says

        Update June 17, 2015: The Pre sentencing investigation has to be completed before sentencing hearing date, could be 2 months?

        No idea if this is accurate or not. But hopefully it won’t be more than a couple of months before this whole mess comes to an end.



      • The judge called for a presentence investigate before deciding whether to accept Tony’s plea. I don’t know how they usually conduct this investigation. But I wrote to the judge and asked him to pass my information on to his officer who is conducting the investigation. I don’t think that the FBI necessarily shares their info being collected from victims with the District Court, not sure, so I wanted to be sure to put my 2 cents worth on the line to the court there.

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    • One reason Tony may still be pumping is that if people still buying, they are not turning on him and reporting him on FBI website or anywhere. The less people are protesting and blaming him, the less he will be accused of, found guilty of. And the less will come up NOW to affect him and his sentencing. Imagine if everyone who listens to him realized he was lying. That sure would make for more complaints against his character in the presentence investigation. As you say he is one of the biggest, most followed pumpers. Don’t ask me the long term logic of this, as criminals DON’T think of long term consequences or let it affect their decisions. That is pretty much part and parcel of criminality.

      Unbelievable that he can spin the Sterling bust to get people to buy more Dinar. Actually, doesn’t that make it look like he sincerely believes it, not scamming or doing it to get paid? Clever maybe.


  2. Just read the article referenced in another thread about the dinar pumper in Lead, South Dakota who was charged. “May 31, 2013 9:00 pm • Andrea J. Cook Journal staff Rapid City Journal

    A Lead man who pleaded guilty to skirting federal reporting requirements for importing foreign currency has agreed to forfeit at least $1.2 million in cash and assets.
    The forfeiture is part of a plea agreement the U.S. Attorney’s office reached with 60-year-old David Olmsted, also known as Dale Cooper Jr.”

    What is interesting about this is that Tony Renfrow’s plea agreement includes his forfeiting over a million dollars. Presumably that means he still has that much left from his 2007 14Dailyplus scam? Or newly acquired from his dinar pumping. No specification was made of what would be seized. Guess if he can forfeit that much, he is not broke needing donations.


  3. Hopefully the KC judge will determine something should be done. I don’t know that Tony is still in the jurisdiction of that judge, since Rule #20 and a transfer of his case was listed in the actions on his case that I saw someone bought and posted on the newly update website.

    I am so glad you did offer the FBI what you have, because you have so much good information. Smart – that may be a very good way to keep up with what the FBI is doing. Interesting!

    My husband bought mostly dong and bought it at a mall currency exchange kiosk thinking it was less expensive and easier than online purchasing, so we don’t really have any recourse there, I don’t think. Not that my husband wants recourse; he is still a believer unfortunately, as I said in another thread.

    He also bought Zimbabwe dollars that Tony began recommending: Bank World, is the marketplace seller on on Amazon that Tony directed his people to, to buy one particular issue of the Zimbabwe 100Trillion notes – the only ones he said were going to be worth anything. Bank World may have also paid Tony for the increase in business. They do have a legitimate business selling various collectable currency and coins otherwise. Ah well, it takes so long for the investigators to collect all the info and bring it to court.


    • Zimbabwe abandoned its currency a while back and now it only uses the U.S. dollar exclusively. Kind of hard to determine a value for a currency when the country that has issued the currency no longer uses it. Zimbabwe went through redenominations in an attempt to save it. No bank will even recognize that worthless paper. Tony has made money several different ways.

      It is hard to believe that anyone would buy the dong when the big elephant in the room is the fact that there is over 350 trillion dong that the central bank printed. Compare that to only 11 to 12 trillion of the U.S. M-2 money supply and you soon see their is not enough currency for any sort of substantial revalue!

      The reason Vietnam printed so much is because they are trying to keep their currency value low compared to the U.S. dollar. This part is important, they don’t want a high currency value because it directly effects their exports! This is why China has also suppressed its currency in the past.

      The truth is while Vietnam exports its currency and prints more to lower its value it helps to provide a better playing field for them in regards to exports. The more currency people buy outside of the country the more they print to export.

      Have your husband read through That’s a fact jack. It contains 40 facts as to why the dinar will not revalue, or the clarification for the 40 facts. Read through The Global Currency Reset part 1 and part 2.

      many people left this investment when they saw the truth in those articles. It will provide some tough questions for him to answer. Hopefully those 4 posts will get him to see the light.They have been the most effective articles I have written so far


  4. Again I missed telling a salient point in my last comment that I had meant to bring to light: part of Tony’s plea bargain includes that he never be able to be prosecuted for any matter that was part of determining to accept his guilty plea and sentence him: IE that could be anything related to dinar pumping. So even if links to Sterling are found, Tony gets off scott-free relatively speaking – just a year in jail and no fine. Wow! No wonder he changed his plea.


    • Hi Deb,
      I agree with your analysis of the plea deal. Tony would be exempt from future dinar prosecution which is probably why the judge in KC questioned the deal. I already filled out the FBI link in the post which is the same link in your comment. I left my contact information so that the FBI can have everything I have. I will gladly give them all the names and details they need. Something tells me they don’t need it. I think they have records on everyone, but just in case they don’t, I left the contact details anyway. I also filled out the victims report so I could be emailed regarding case details as the prosecution moves forward. I strongly encourage anyone who has ever purchased dinar to click on the link in Deb’s comment and fill it out. One reason for this is because it may give you legal recourse in the event of a public civil case.

      Thank you Deb for taking the time to comment


  5. Whoops, I see that you already posted the FBI link in your article. Thanks.

    I want to clarify why I said we need to find out who the judge is and where Tony’s plea bargain is at (and I am not sure how to do this): The plea bargain was not automatically accepted by the judge in KC. He called for a PSI, a presentence investigation into Tony’s character and activities to help him determine whether to accept it or not the plea. A court officer of some sort does the investigation and then gives it back to the judge. But this was all short-circuited by Tony’s transfer of jurisdiction to the location where he was arrested. Folsom, CA? So he has a much better chance of having the plea accepted as-is. The new court has not been treated to all his delays for the 3 years the case has been pending with pretrial motions by Tony. Now is the determining moment – will he be seen for what he is or just passed through the court system like the slippery one he prefers to be – just good ole’ well-meaning TNT Tony. And no ability to follow through and prosecute him for any links that could be found or might be found between him and Sterling. Whew!


  6. You think it is over? Tony is so slippery! (I posted this in another area, but see that this is where it really goes so others will read it regards this scam.)

    I have been wondering why I did not see anything further on a posted list of actions on Renfrow’s case. Well, look at #83 and 84. Rule #20 (I looked it up) states that a defendant who pleas guilty may have his case transferred to the District where he was arrested if it is different than where he is indicted. He did so and his case ahs been transferred to California. Not sure exactly where.

    So Tony indeed gets to go home. Don’t know who the Judge is there and what further tricks Tony will use to evade punishment. Now it looks like there is a very good chance that his presentence investigation will be disconnected from whatever viewpoint of the KC judge and someone new who hasn’t heard his BS yet will be treated to it. He may get away very lightly.

    Anyone who wrote to court personnel regards his character and activities should send it again to wherever he is actually going to be sentenced in California. This really is necessary because Tony solicited from his “followers” to send him their stories and how they have dreams and plans since being on his calls -“so that he could put these stories into a museum he planned to build about the RV”. Good grief! People HAVE sent him their stories with thank you’s for helping them with their dreams of helping children etc etc. Guess what these were really for: showing to the court for his character. Now he has moved his court site, judge, everything and can sent with his lies again to the new court who will probably just want to get him out of their system and may buy his lies about himself.

    Also, would you post this FBI website pertinent to Tony and Sterling, et al? They are asking for information and names. All the pumpers should be caught and dealt with so they don’t just move on to their next scam.

    Let’s mop up these guys. If we don’t, no one may do it. Let’s take this to the complete truth and clean up!



    • I saw that Tony’s codefendent, William Fox, moved his trial to CA. Tony pled guilty and is awaiting PSI report to be completed and will be sentenced in KCK. Did I miss something? Thx.


  7. Great article Marcus! I think it’s to much of coincidence with the turd to but if it’s true he could of been a lot less convincing and still bring down the dealers!! He’s hurt a lot of people in the last 20 years and he hurt a lot of people because he scammed so many in 2006. I am happy to see the dealers going down but Anthony Renfrow is the lowest form of animal that ever existed even though he’s the best conman I’ve ever came across. Peace be with you Marcus I wish Sams blog was still open lol


    • Hi Kenny,

      I wish Sam’s blog was still open too. I know he has moved on to other things and he does not follow the dinar like he use to do. Tony has hurt many people. All the Gurus have. I know of many stories of people who were ruined because they bet the farm on this while the dealers and the pumpers got rich lying through their teeth. My only hope is that the IRS will come and confiscate all the wealth from those who knowingly broke the law concerning this so-called investment. If anyone purchased dinar I would encourage you to click on the link at the bottom of this post and fill out the victims report form for the FBI case. I think if enough people fill out the form it may speed up the process of ending this thing and sending the right people to jail. It may also serve to give you legal recourse should any class action suit be filed against the people who broke the law.

      Thank you Kenny for all you do to warn people about this scam. Peace be with you too my friend.


  8. A friend told me about the Iraqi Dinar and the possibility of making huge profits when it revaluates. As a result, I bought several million Iraqi Dinars from Dinar Trade in 2009. I followed several web sites and did much research into this “so called” investment. The smartest thing I did was finding your web site and getting factual information on the Dinar. As a result, I sold all of my Dinar back to Dinar Trade in 2014. All I lost was the shipping cost, transaction fees, and the difference of my cost versus their buy back price. I am so thankful to be out of that “investment” and I am very appreciative of you for providing us with reliable information. Thank you!


    • Robert, this blog is up for people like you. I am glad to see you found it useful. It is great to hear from you. Thanks for sharing your experience with the dinar community.


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