Sowing and Reaping

I have made a very strong case on this blog as to why the Iraqi dinar cannot possibly revalue. Those who cannot see it at this point are probably the ones who don’t want to see it. This may be because they are over leveraged. They went way overboard on this so-called investment. They don’t want to believe that there will be no revalue because if they accept that, then the next logical conclusion is they will lose all hope for their current situation. The dinar may serve as their only hope for what may appear to be a way out.

Throughout the course of this roller coaster ride known as the dinar there have been many people lying through their teeth. The agenda was simple. These people were making money off of a gullible public who knew nothing about economics. Their goal was to trick people into believing in a massive revalue of Iraq’s currency.

The money from this scam was made several different ways. Money was made through commissions and kickbacks from various dealers. Money was also made through VIP programs and newsletters. It was also made through forums and websites. Money was also made through group conference calls that these guys hosted. All of this hype about the dinar was spread through these programs. It just so happens that spreading the hype became profitable.

These guys became known as Gurus because they presented their research and themselves as being all-knowing about the currency. There were those such as myself and others that actually believed in the investment and thought it was genuine. We also did our fair share of research. The only problem was my research was based on how currency actually works. I would have saved a lot of time and heart ache if I focused on the lies being told rather than trying to understand economics in general. I should have verified everything being said. Not everyone doing research was a Guru. The Gurus were these larger than life characters who seem to have all the answers. Later on many of these guys were exposed through a website known as dinar douchebags.

dinarThose who over leveraged and thought they would get rich quick followed everything these Gurus said, and they accepted all the lies as though it was the gospel truth. It did not matter what facts you put up. Facing the truth also meant facing reality. This was just too painful and scary for some people. No one was going to get rich except the dealers and the Gurus.

One such person/guru was a man by the name of TNT Tony, AKA Anthony Renfrow. This guy said a lot of things that were just false and he had no way to back up his claims. He gathered together a huge following. He had a campaign that most people remember as “we are the people, release the RV”! This cry which came from him and his followers on twitter resulted in an article produced and written by the BBC. This did not stop new sheeple from following him, and this get rich quick scheme still began to gain some momentum because of this release the RV campaign.

Now it seems that judgement has finally come for TNT tony. Before the dinar scam Tony was involved in something called 14 Daily Plus. Check the link below

Here are links where you will find the government’s indictment against Renfrow–12-cr-20041/USA_v._Renfrow_et_al/1/

The quotes below are from the indictment

“12. During the period from in or about March 2006, to in or about May 2007, in the District of Kansas and elsewhere, RENFROW and FOX, together with each other and others, both known and unknown to the Grand Jury, knowingly devised a scheme to defraud individuals to join as “investors,” and to obtain money and property by means of material false and fraudulent pretenses, representations and promises made to individuals to convince them to join

13. It was part of the scheme to defraud and to obtain money and property by” means of material false and fraudulent pretenses, representations, and promises, and in furtherance of it, that the defendants knowingly and intentionally engaged in and caused the following activities:

a. Recruited individuals to become investors in, when in truth and in fact there was no investment vehicle;

b. Enticed purported investors with the promise of a 14% daily return on the purported investment, when in truth and in fact such a return was completely unrealistic;

c. Falsely promised a return on the purported investment to be realized by merely clicking on certain web pages for a limited amount of time each day;

d. Recruited additional “investors” used as the basis for the individuals to receive the “return” on the original “investment,” when in truth and in fact no such returns were made to the “investors”;

e. Solicited “investment” funds to be paid in cash up to $9,000, which made the tracing of funds more difficult and avoided currency transaction reporting requirements;

f. Regularly conducted conference calls via telephone and Internet for recruitment of new “investors” and conveying assurances of the program, when in truth and in fact, these were utilized to lull the individuals into believing the program was a legitimate investment vehicle; and

g. Promised returns on the “investments” despite having no secured method to process payment of the investment returns.

During the course of this indictment many people stood up for Renfrow. Over the course of several conference calls various people said, “Leave Tony alone, let him have his day in court. We should not judge him until we see the outcome.” It was believed by some that Tony would be vindicated. Meanwhile this was used as an excuse to spread his lies and present this false information as “intel”! This only served to promote false hope within the dinar community and gain new investors. While some people were on to him, others defended him.

Well as it turns out, Renfrow had his day in court. Instead of fighting it as some had claimed, he actually admitted guilt. He entered into a plea agreement which was filed on May 21st 2015. This plea agreement is only for one count of the indictment. You can download a copy of this agreement by clicking on the link below

Let’s read some quotes from the plea agreement

Judgement and Sentence

By entering into this plea agreement, the defendant admits to knowingly committing this offense, and to being guilty of this offense. The defendant agrees to plead guilty by May 21, 2015. The defendant understands that the maximum sentence which may be imposed as to Count I to which the defendant has agreed to plead guilty is not more than twenty years of imprisonment, a $250,000 fine, three years of supervised release, restitution as determined by the Court, forfeiture, and a $ 100 mandatory special assessment. The United States agrees to move to dismiss the remaining counts of the indictment at the time of sentencing.

This means that the rest of the charges are dismissed

2. Forfeiture of Assets: The defendant agrees to the imposition of forfeiture judgment against him in the amount of $ I .676 million which sum represents proceeds obtained through the scheme charged in Count l.

The Plea agreement also says

The “investors” were recruited through these ploys and encouraged to either deposit their “investment” into one of the defendant’s accounts with Bank of America or wire-transfer funds into the defendant’s account. alliteratively, codefendant Fox encouraged “investors” to provide him with cash. At least six “investors” provided approximately $195,000 cash to codefendant Fox as part of this scheme. At least twelve investors deposited or wire-transferred approximately $170,000 into the defendant’s bank accounts, and the defendant then used the funds for personal expenditures with multiple monetary transactions involving proceeds of the wire fraud in excess of$10,000. At least 202 “investor” victims have been identified, who lost approximately $ I .676 million.

The parties propose, as an appropriate disposition of the case, a sentence of not greater than 1 year and 1 day in prison on count 1; three years of supervised release; no fine; restitution as determined by the Court; forfeiture judgment of $ I .676 million; and the mandatory special assessment of $100.

So it looks like tony will also get a year of jail time. People take dinar advice from this guy? He is one of the so-called experts? Maybe we can now safely add falsely claiming a revalue of the Iraqi dinar to his defraud list of charges. We will wait and see if this actually happens as he has yet to answer for any of his dinar pumping.

These are just some of the many types of experts you will find in the dinar community. This investment goes against all logic and reason. For this reason people cling to conspiracy theories such as the Global Currency Reset or GCR.

While there are obvious problems with the dollar, America’s dollar is not going to crash while every other over inflated fiat currency that is backed by the dollar soars in value overnight! This is just too ludicrous to even imagine. If people want to know my opinion and see the research on the GCR, then you can read various posts throughout this site. If you want to know the research in even more detail with all the resources to back it up, then you can get my book from Amazon.

06 GCR-mockup6

If you want to know even more information about Tony’s Plea agreement then download the agreement and read it for yourself. You can also click the following link.

10 thoughts on “Sowing and Reaping

  1. Tony’s sentencing date has been set for Nov 30, 2015. But Tony did not have his standard TNT Dinar call this Friday (Nov 13) because he said he is travelling. It would not surprise me that he is meeting with his lawyer in Kansas City and they are setting up to delay the sentencing date just like he did with the Trial dates for the past few years. My dream is in the sentencing to include that he has to go onto his forums and admit to all his TNTDinar followers that everything he has been saying about the upcoming RV is all a lie and he basically made up everything and that as far as he knows there is nearly a 0% chance anyone will become rich by holding Dinar and selling it in the coming days/months/years.

    But I don’t know if that is even possible since the sentencing is about the 14DailyPlus scam and has nothing to do with his Dinar pumping scam. But I know very little about law so maybe as Deb posted Tony has turned evidence for a plea deal and a deal like that can happen. I think if Tony would admit that he is scamming everyone on the Dinar RV it could finally convince a lot people that otherwise would not be convinced that the Dinar RV is just a scam and they could just get back what they can now and stop all this nonsense.


  2. Exactly. What a con man. He not only gets off most of the penalty for ripping off people off in 14Dailyplus, but he also is still holding his conference calls and probably won’t be prosecuted for this scam. A two-for-one deal! It really burns me. Sad to say I STILL can’t get my husband to see the light.

    He spent money (a lot) at mall and airport currency exchange kiosks on Vietnamese dong thinking he was getting a cheaper deal than at Sterling, which he was, but a loss is a loss. He still thinks there is a chance. Wow.

    So I see up close the delusions people adhere to. It is likely to end our marriage if he will not wake up now. I did a lot of research. When I was told that Tony said, a year and a half ago, that this “opportunity” was based on EO 13303, I looked that up and read it, along with every single version reauthorized since the first till last year. Whew, that was a lot, but I still could not convince my husband that this was nonsense, a scam. I learned way more about currencies, Central banking, economies and BS than I ever expected to. No luck in transmitting that, so I am disgusted and I wish Tony would go to jail and never be heard from again!

    This propensity to believe scammers though, was not created by Tony. It is deep in the psyche of some people. I think they don’t believe they can succeed in their life and that an outside force is going to take care of them after all. Faith is misplaced here, many religious people are involved although my husband is not particularly religious. It has been hard to understand.


  3. To me, it looks like maybe Tony turned in Sterling and got a plea bargain on his earlier case for doing so. The timing is too coincidental.


    • That is what I believe too Deb. Not just because of the timing but also because of the light sentence he received. I think it was way too light for a simple plea bargain. Compare his plea bargain deal to the one they handed out to RUDOLPH COENEN from the BH group and you will see Tony got off way too easy. Something does not smell right.


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  5. Hey Marcus, Kenny here. Don’t know if you’ve heard the new news but Sterling was raided by the FBI and here’s a doc that came on today Check from page 19 to 25 and it shows the top people of Sterling saying its a scam and bringing in TerryK as a person who was paid lol. But absent is the TURD himself being tied into Sterling lol Now that seems a little strange to me since a week after court they get raided lol. His case was forwarded at least a couple of years and he’s not mentioned in this document lol. It looks like the scam is imploding though, we’ve been looking for this time for along time buddy u a lot longer than me I’ll keep u up on the info Take Care Kenny


    • Hi Kenny,

      I have been following it pretty close. I knew this day would come. I am actually working on a post right now. I wanted to wait until I read the indictment before I presented the final nail in the coffin.The post should be out Friday night or Saturday morning by the latest.

      Thanks for the heads up. I think that it is nice that we are both finally vindicated. We have been speaking the truth all this time. Yet there are those that still do not believe! Nice to see that the FBI has set up a hotline for tips. I think that Sterling Currency group is the first of many dominoes that are going to tip over.

      I said all along that the dealers would not be around when they redenominate and no one believed me. wait until you see the post coming in a day or two


  6. Hey Marcus,
    I agree completely that there is a group that put too much money into this as some sort of last hope for a decent retirement or something similar, and now simply can not accept any information that they are at best going to get part of their money back. But I think that is just a partial answer to “why do people continue to believe this nonsense”? I think its due to a profound lack of being “data driven” that pervades our culture, if not humans in general.
    Optical illusions provide a great analogy. We’ve all seen the classic one with two parallel horizontal lines (that are exactly the same length), and one has arrow head lines on the end facing in, and the other has arrow heads facing out. You can not look at that and not “see” one line as longer than the other. That is the biology of the human visual system at work. But you can develop the discipline to notice that “hey, this is likely one of those illusions, I better measure”, and then let the data be your guide. Of course optical illusions rarely if ever come up in day to day life, let alone investing. But the idea is the same. To recognize that you are in a situation where your feel about something is going to mislead you and that you must trust the data. But we rarely do so.
    I’ve run into many people that did not put all that much money into Dinars, and when you point out that an RV is not possible due the simple arithmetic of the CBI’s foreign reserves divided by the money supply, they often respond “yea I get that, but what if? What if some completely bizarre thing happens and it does RV then I’d be upset if I sold back now”. So their thoughts have been seeded with the idea of an RV and they can not purge that from their mind any more than anyone reading this just now can not have a thought about pink elephants. The solution is to have the discipline to recognize when you are fooling yourself. To see the IQD RV as a sort of illusion and know that in such situations you must let the data rule the day. What makes the IQD RV myth so unique (or at least I have not been able to think of a similar case) is that the data is so clear, so stark, so obvious, and yet people STILL let their gut feel, their desires, they hopes, direct their continued spending. I’m not even talking about why such a person got into this to begin with, as many of us made an impulsive buy. The amazing part to me is after one learns about it and understands what is going on, that they still continue with it.
    You can see this throughout our society. Take the recently announced candidate for President Ben Carson. No matter what one might think about his politics this guy was head of pediatric neurosuregy at John’s Hopkins, clearly a very smart person who went though a pretty technical education. Yet he calls evolution a myth and propaganda. He lets his religious beliefs trump the data. You see the same thing often on global warming, vaccination, health care, future costs of entitlements, and on and on. Its just something most people do not really have to practice so they do not develop the needed skill and disciple to apply it. In day to day life you pretty much run on instincts and routine and never are really forced to think about how different the world really is from the world we perceive through our senses.
    On top of that usually such stark evidence as with the mythical RV is not available. Is a stock going to go up or down? There is no way to tell for sure. You can go with the probabilities and so on, but you can not know with certainty. So when hearing about the RV people are accustomed to think it might at least be possible in theory, even if very very unlikely. But in fact of course its impossible, yet many folks do not have the discipline to let that data guide their investment choices.
    There also appears to me to be a conspiracy theory theme to the RV. You find a lot of “well the numbers do not matter as all the world is controlled by the Rothchilds and the other “Powers That Be” and they will do whatever they want and this is a chance to get in on one of their schemes”. But I’l leave that one for another time.


  7. Your a idiot ! Quit sending me your bullshit!!

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    • Don’t you mean You’re an idiot? ROFL. Listen, you subscribed and you can just as easily unsubscribe. It is not rocket science. You can even do it from the last email you received


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