The Truth About The Global Currency Reset

01gcrvidI really have been sick and tired of all the fear mongering. Everyone seems to be using fear to sell gold, silver, newsletters, food supplies, and yes, even dinars. The typical sales pitch goes something like this. The world is going to end and the dollar is going to be worthless so buy my products and protect yourself against the coming calamity.

Just today I was on face book and I saw an ad from some group that said something like this. Don’t rejoice over the falling gas prices. The last time gas prices were this low was during the 2008 meltdown. This information was put out there to imply that there is another calamity around the corner. You needed to get their information to help prepare for what was on the horizon. I don’t even know what these people were selling.

The truth is this information is wrong. Soaring gas prices accelerated the 2008 meltdown. In January of 2007 oil was a little over 49 dollars a barrel. Prices broke 50 dollars that year and got up over 70 dollars a barrel. This is when the housing market started to show cracks. Oil prices accelerated in 2008 and by June the price peaked at over 149 dollars a barrel. By this time, the meltdown was in full swing. In September the market crashed and as a result oil fell to under 36.00 a barrel. As of this writing oil is a little over 49.00 a barrel.

Yet someone is using the low gas prices in the autumn of 2008 to spark fear so people will buy their worthless products. This is my biggest grip with the Global Currency Reset. There are so many different definitions and scenarios that the subject can really be confusing. I can’t even enjoy low gas prices without someone attempting to scare the crap out of me with their wrong geo-political analysis. While I have my own theories as to why gas prices are this low, many people are being scared needlessly just so that scammers can hock their worthless products!

So in an attempt to provide some sort of sanity, I wrote a book that deals with the fear mongering. This book is available on Amazon and soon it will be available at every eBook retailer’s site. It is called “The Truth About The Coming Global Currency Reset”

06 GCR-mockup6From information I received from many who preach this coming reset I assembled a timeline. I made a video about this timeline and uploaded it to you tube. According to the many things I have read, the historic past of currency is part of the reason for this coming reset. For this reason I lined up every event that I could think of so people can see the first part of the timeline that will be part of the GCR event.

You can read the first chapter of the book for free at Smashwords. Click on the Online reader. Here is the link.

You can buy the book at Smashwords or Amazon. Here is the link

While this book deals with the global currency reset it also covers many other conspiracy theories regarding money. We learn a great deal about America’s monetary history. We also get a basic understanding of how money and economics work. Even though the dinar is not the main theme of this book, there is one chapter that gives the historic background for the dinar. The dinar is also mentioned in a few other chapters. There is a complete analysis regarding this currency and many others.

The object and purpose of this book is to deal directly with all the fear mongering. It is my hope that those who are living in bondage due to wild conspiracy theories will be set free once they understand the truth.

5 thoughts on “The Truth About The Global Currency Reset

  1. Good job Marcus. Fear sells. It’s why Dinar salesmen and pumpers say what they say, it’s why paranoid conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones & Benjamin Fulford say what they say. Why politicians promise a world of doom unless you vote for them. It creates a mental “hook” and keeps people coming back – a captive audience if you will. The so called “GCR” is total bunk. It’s exactly the same “promise” as the Dinar but extrapolated onto a global level:-

    “Hey everyone, as unbelievable as it sounds that Iraq are going to have 4x planet Earth sized economies worth of money, soon, imminent, this week! – now we’re seeing many of you lose faith in the Dinar scam, um I mean “investment”, we’ve got a new one for you! – The whole planet Earth will RV and enjoy 1,000x Planet Earth sized economies worth of money!”

    Not surprising that people who get suckered into the Dinar scam and the promise of $1m for changing $857 worth of foreign inflated banknotes back and forward, are just born to get suckered into the “GCR” scam (a lot of which came from NESARA which has been “promising” anywhere from $10m per person to 40 zeros worth of money every week since the 90’s)…

    I’ve posted before on the absurdity of the GCR in other forums. All these deluded conspiracy morons are doing is trying to “price” in a country’s natural resources twice over – once with a “GCR” and a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc, time in the form of annual exports of whatever resource they’re trying to “back” their currency with AND sell to other people or consume internally at the same time!

    You’ll have to try that one on your boss:-

    You : “Hey boss – thanks for the $50k salary this year. However I’ve worked out that my value to you over the next 30 years is $50k x 30 = $1.5m. So I’d like you to pay all that to me today.”

    Boss : “You mean you want a $1.5m lump sum now instead of an annual $50k salary for your next 30 years work?”

    You : “No. I want both. I want you to ‘globally reset’ my worth to your company by squeezing all future +30 years of my lifetime value into a “blessing” today (2015) – AND in every future year, I want you to ‘pretend’ you can spend the same money twice and continue to pay me $50k as well.”

    Yeah, it takes a “special person” to believe that, and yet that’s the “blinded by greed” mentality behind the GCR in a nutshell – they want to “price in” the arbitrary total value of all of Iraq’s oil reserves (140bn barrels x $100 per barrel = $14tn) and squeeze the whole lot into 2015 today for their “blessings” AND for Iraq to keep the annual oil revenue when they actually export exactly the same 140bn barrels of oil for real in future years from 2015-2140 (140bn barrels @ 3m barrels per day = that $14tn will be spread over the next 125 years, ie, barely $110bn per year which is just about enough to cover the govt budget).

    This is where +95% of Iraq’s oil revenue actually goes in reality outside of delusional pumper-land – not in an “RV/GCR” piggy back – but paying the annual bills / funding the Iraqi govt budget / reconstruction (and even then Iraq are running a budget deficit). This is why the RV/GCR is total nonsense – 95% of their $14tn “wealth” will simply be earmarked and spent on all future annual Iraq’s govt budget over the next century. Repeat the absurdity for every other country on Earth whose annual economies will now magically be double counted by the clueless RV/GCR guru’s who are now desperately trying to find new “Magic Beans” to sell to the flock now some of them are waking up to the Dinar “RV” scam in increasing numbers…

    Good luck with your book sales Marcus. If it helps just one person wake up to the “pied piper” guru’s and the way they “push the right buttons” to get people to dance to their merry (but totally empty) tune, then job well done!


    • Hi Brian,

      I appreciate your comment. This book was meant to warn people about the Global Currency Reset. But not in the way these conspiracy minded money scammers think! My biggest issue are those people who sell dinar and dong, put out news letters, develop websites, sell gold and silver, and sell emergency food supplies. They scare the crap out of people with a bunch on nonsense in order to make a buck. The GCR plays a big role in that fear mongering. It needs to be addressed.

      I hope the book sells but more then that, I hope people read it and I hope they are set free from all the stupid money conspiracies that promote fear


  2. Well Marcus I am sorry to say that after watching the you video and reading just the first page or so of your book, its crap. Its poorly written, and highly inaccurate. Did you have anyone server as editor or fact checker? You state facts with no backup which can be shown to be wrong in 10 seconds with google

    The 2008 financial melt down was not “a crash of the US economy that was felt around the world” but a crash of the world economy. The banking practices that were a big part of this were invented in London where banking regulations are much less restrictive than in the US. The final push that triggered the avalanche indeed was likely leman and Bear, but the slope was already primed for such an event and many such triggers around the world could have released it.

    You say China and Russia have agreed to “exclusively” trade in their own currencies. False. The deal (again just google it) was for $25B USD worth of rubles and yuan over 3 years. How much trade do the two countries do a year? $90B, expected to more than double by 2020, so hardly exclusive.

    The Feds QE1,2,3 programs did indeed buy mortgage bond and other private assets, but a big part was also buying government bonds (QE3 was almost entirely bonds), which you fail to mention.

    You don’t even mention that the commonly sited number for the US debt includes $5T that the treasure owes to various entitlement trust funds, i.e. one branch owes the other and is not real debt. Which if you are writing about what it all really means, is a key point.

    And that is just on the first page!

    I am sorry to say it but, in my opinion, this is really poor work my friend.


    • HI John,

      I really don’t want to reveal my hand and show the cards I am holding. I will only say that your analysis of the book is completely wrong. It does not have the conclusion that you think it has. Revealing where the book actually leads you is like giving away the plot and the end of the movie.

      Yes the book was edited by someone other than myself. And it was also fact checked. I had several people look at it. I am sorry it does not meet your approval. The last chapter of the book is nothing but supporting internet links. All of these links support the things written in the book. Most of these links are official sites. So the things stated are backed up. I really don’t understand how you can judge the book and say things like there are no supporting links when all you did was read one page. In fact there are well over 50 links in the back of the book. I spent a great deal of time fact checking and that is what took the longest time in writing this book. That took more time then writing the book.

      Here is the timeline of the meltdown that came to a head in 2008. This is according to the Federal Reserve. These are the kind of links that I share in the back of the book

      It was never my intent to imply that the world economy did not collapse in 2008. While there were global corporations that suffered, my only real point is that US played a major role in the global crash. Deregulation including the Gramm-Leach-Bliley act that was pushed through congress and backed by Alan Greenspan and Larry Summers (Clinton’s treasurer) created the atmosphere for the predatory lending and the manipulation of junk CDO’s. These junk CDO’s made their way into some of my low risk retirement accounts. That is why I lost almost $100,000.00 in the 2008 crash. In my opinion, The US led the charge in the world economy collapsing in 2008. Of course I agree that it was a global collapse. When the US economy crashed in the global melt down it was felt around the world. That is not a contradiction and I think your splitting hairs here.

      I have a whole chapter dedicated to this point, but you are not going to get the full analysis from one paragraph of a two page introduction.

      I go into more detail concerning QE 1,2 and 3. So while it is briefly mentioned in chapter 1 it is covered in a lot more detail. In fact anything that is mentioned in the first chapter is covered in a lot more detail in the rest of the book.

      Your comments about the word “exclusively” are addressed later in the book. Other than that I think you’re making arguments based on semantics, as we’re probably not too far apart as for substance. Thanks for your input, but I really think you’re jumping to conclusions a bit based on one page in 1 chapter.

      As far as china and Russia go, exclusively is in reference to sensationalism that appeared in news articles around 2010 or 2011. Some of which are out of print. I will need to dig in order to find them on the internet and it will take some time. This is an argument that is used by many GCR people. Some of those older articles actually talk about a boycott of the dollar. hence the word exclusivly Those comments were not meant to reference current deals that Russia and China have with each other such as these

      I just want to be clear, are you stating that money owed by the treasury to various entitlement trust funds does not matter? I have heard this argument before. This is money that the government owes itself. Examples,

      The fact remains that the social security trust fund owns about 2.7 trillion of treasury securities. In other words the government owes itself the money because it took it from a different branch. But the truth is this is real debt!

      First you have a trust fund that was set up with money taken from the American people. Second the government used this fund by exchange t-bills for dollars. This is real debt. ask yourself, What would happen if they defaulted on that debt? They raided the fund. The government owes social security and social security owes us the American people!

      In the past workers have been paying more in Social Security taxes than what was needed to pay retiree benefits. But what happens when this situation changes and social security will need some of that money back?

      With the major job loss across the nation and less people paying into the system this could be a likely scenario. America has over 92 million people who are not in the labor force. There are over 48 million retirees. The actual unemployed is over 17 million. When the government is forced to borrow to meet retiree benefits then it does not matter who owes who! It will not matter if the government owes itself the money. The government will see just how real this debt is. Of course this opens the door to another topic. Unfunded liabilities. The social security trust fund is but one example of the 5 trillion you mentioned. Maybe we should agree to disagree on this one. check this link to source the numbers

      I am sorry you feel the book is poorly written. I have been working on it since September and I put everything I had into it. It is my absolute best effort. I would say if you don’t like the first chapter then don’t buy the book. That is precisely why I let people read the first chapter for free.


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