There NEVER was a Kuwaiti Revalue

That’s the truth! There NEVER was a Kuwaiti revalue. In my last post I went into detail as to why. This was a response to an article I read on Mr. IQD’s site. I finally got a response from Mr. IQD 2 days later after I commented on his site. I just want to make some corrections in his assumptions about my motives. I am posting from his response here in this article because he has banned me from his site.

Mr. IQD “Marcus – thanks for your post – but I have decided to not approve it. I do believe that the Iraqi Dinar will eventually increase significantly in value.”

Just for the record I don’t fault you for believing the pipe dream about the Iraqi dinar revalue. You have every right to believe whatever you want.

Mr. IQD Also, I’m deleting your post because I don’t appreciate the scathing remarks you made about me and my website on another blog.

Scathing remarks? What scathing remarks?! You obviously don’t know me very well because you really have no idea how scathing my remarks can actually be. This is what I actually said.

“Now this comment is gone. For some reason it vanished. So allow me to elaborate a little more. I bought Iraqi dinar based on a lot of lies that I believed.”

Notice that I am addressing the fact that there was never a Kuwaiti Revalue not that the comment did not post. You call that scathing?


All comments on are ALWAYS “Held for Moderation” by everyone who posts on my site.”

When I posted the comment it was listed in the comment section after I sent it. I read through the whole comment after I sent it off and it was posted as an approved comment. I then refreshed the page that your article was on and my comment was still there. I did not know if you held comments for moderation but there was no “this comment is held for moderation” notice that typically appears when comments are indeed held for moderation.

Please understand I am not calling you a liar. If anything I thought it was a system glitch. The reason for my post was not to address the missing comment. It was to address the things you wrote about. There were gross misinterpretations in your post about the New York Times article. This was not an attempt to straighten out your thinking or your belief system.

When you provided wrong information that said there was a Kuwaiti Revalue I knew that would come up in the search engine. A person who knows nothing about the dinar may do a search and find your post. A person with no currency background may very well believe your post. That same person may purchase dinar based on a total BULL-CRAP belief in a Kuwaiti Revalue. I know this was the number one selling point with me. After I found out the truth I was upset with this lie. So this is a pet peeve to say the least. I was writing that post to would be dinar investors to serve as a warning and nothing more. It was not directed towards you and it was definitely not scathing.

Mr. IQD Therefore, your comments never posted in the first place, to then “vanish” later as you said.

Fair enough. Like I said maybe it was a system glitch of some sort. I don’t know why your article page showed my comment as posted. Maybe it was some bug in the system software. Not really sure.

Mr IQD I have approved your comments many times in the past, and they are still up for anyone to read – but now you will no longer be approved for ANY COMMENT you make on my site.

This is true you have approved my comments in the past. And you even disagreed with some of the things I wrote. Since I cannot reply directly on your site I decided to speak to you through this post. I know your reading this. I just want to thank you for your loyal support!

Mr. IQD What you did by blogging your immature hate comments about me and my site shows the Dinar Community that you are more like a spoiled child who always insists on getting his way!

Well, little child – you won’t get your way here anymore by throwing temper-tantrums!

Immature hate comments? Do you mean like most of your posts about Gurus? This coming from a guy who posts rants on a regular basis. You should notice that I did not resort to calling you names as you have now just done. I find that people tend to start name calling and leaving civil debate behind when they cannot address the facts. There were no hate comments in my post and for the record I don’t hate you.

I read your site because of the way you called out Tony TNT and other Gurus. I knew you still believed in this scam of an investment. But I always believed you were at least fair and sincere.

OH NO! what ever shall I do with all my free time? Mr. IQD won’t let me comment on his site anymore. Life is just not worth living anymore….No one likes being the one that tells little kids that there is no such thing as Santa Clause! This time it really cost me. What ever shall I do? Excuse my sarcasm.

OK let us get real. Your belief in the revalue of the Iraqi dinar is based on crappy speculation which comes from reading between the lines and putting meaning in news articles that is not even there. Banning me instead of discussing the facts put you on the same level of all the other Gurus you tend to criticize. This looks like hypocrisy to me. The only real ratings you got on your site was due to the fact that you went after the extreme gurus that were lying through their teeth. There is no doubt in my mind that you are sincere, but if you think you will ever make any money from this worthless paper then you are sincerely wrong and sadly mistaken.

I know that in your case it is ok if you lost everything you invested. You won’t feel the same pain that a lot of people feel because they over leveraged and sold everything they have to buy dinar. The reason people do this is because they hear Bull-Crap stories like the Kuwaiti Revalue hype and they begin to look at this investment as a sure thing. I don’t hate you. I never did. I feel sorry for you.

I will tell you what I am going to do. I will leave this open and I will not ban you as you have done me. If you feel like you want to post a comment and express the reason for your beliefs feel free to do so here. Your comments will not go into moderation. They will be posted right away. MR. IQD I believe we can have a civil discussion. The ball is now in your court!



11 thoughts on “There NEVER was a Kuwaiti Revalue

  1. I havn’t read his site in awhile, I only knew about his post on Kuwait when I seen it on my twitter acc. I’ve known about his views on the RV since in my comments I always called it a scam and he would tell me his feelings about it. He loved my scathing rant on Dave Schmidt but after his post about the Kuwait dinar he totally lost a reader. Thanks Marcus for your time making sure his completely phony post was torn apart. I read that NY article a couple of times and him saying he’s been looking for that proof for years was a red flag there since I’ve only been tearing this scam apart for 9 months and seeing that article a couple of times it did not make any sense that he just ran across it. PEACE Mike Diston


  2. Hey Marcus, count me in as one of the people done reading his site as well. I had never posted anything on his site until this article but the whole thing seemed fishy to me. Now I believe it is fishy and believe me you said nothing bad to him at all, you were very civil. I have followed you now for a long time and I have never seen you be nasty at all.


    • Thank You Robert. It is nice to hear from you. I like to hear from people who have read the material on this site. whether they agree or disagree does not matter to me.Thank You for your support.


  3. Mr IQD has shown his true colors. He’s no different than the gurus he criticize. He has posted a massive misinterpretation and refuses to allow comments to refute his claims.
    I posted on his board also and it also was not approved. In no way was I rude or disrespectful to him.
    One of the things I pointed out to him about that so-called Kuwait RV is that Kuwait had a $3 exchange rate, Saddam invaded and the Central Bank and all other banks shut down. There was not one single dinar issued by any bank in Kuwait at a rate less than the official $3 rate. Again because this is important. NOT ONE SINGLE DINAR ISSUED AT A DISCOUNTED RATE. The only dinar that was sold at the rumored “as low as 10 cents” was sold by people who panicked and sold what they had in their pockets. How much cash do you think people had to sell? Saddam also stole billions. As you stated, 7 months later Saddam was kicked out, Banks reopened for business and a new currency was issued. None of the dinar Saddam stole were honored for exchange. The small number of people who got people to sell the dinar out of their pocket for less then the $3 rate made some money. Kuwait started with X amount of dinar at $3, 8 months later they had basically the same exact X amount of dinar at the same $3 rate. How is that a RV?
    Kuwait issued ZERO dinar at a less than their $3 rate.
    Iraq has issued 80 TRILLION dinar at a rate equal to or less than .00086.
    How anyone sees those two situations as similar is befuddling.

    Mr IQD never even responded to me to explain why he didn’t post my reply.


    • Dave you raise some very valid points. You are not the only one that has said this to me. I think the only reason he responded to me was due to the fact that I made a post to address it. When he noticed traffic from this article he made it look like he was going to approve my comment but came up with a B.S.excuse not to approve the comment. Who knows how many posts he does not approve. This really throws a dark shadow on any dinar guru debunking that he has done!

      I don’t think he is any different from the other dinar gurus that are out there!

      I for one am done reading his site and I think a lot of other people are too.


  4. Marcus, this is off topic. Do u know what happened to Proteous from went to. I was thinking they were going to start a new website where ppl could gather and throw around ideas that would help the world so to speak. If u happened to know, could u drop me a note at I have attempted to locate them/it but to no avail. Thnx in advance. Ken


  5. I didn’t understand at first that mriqd believe in this crazy rv lie. But I made a post on his site stating the Iraq rv was a complete hoax that didn’t show up. I recieved an email explaining he believed in the ficticous rv but not the gurus. I was SHOCKED!!! These people have their head in the spears!! I went on the site called dinardetectives for the first time about 2 months ago. I found you could read tony’s and others recent lies there. I simply can’t believe people STILL believe and follow these scam artist!!!!! How many tomorrows, next weeks, next months can there be before they accept the fact THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS AN IRAQI RV OF THE DINAR ANYWHERE ON OR AROUND THE GLOBE PERIOD!!!!!????!!!! Besides the place is under TOTAL attack/war!!! Anyway great to read your post Marcus. I hope all is going well. Southern Shaker


    • Hi Southern Shaker I miss reading your stuff! The dinar lies circulate and regenerate. But I think the majority of the people are finally starting to catch on. It was good to hear from you my friend,


  6. Raher petty if you ask me, MR. IQD has pretty much sold himself to the devil.

    His actions to silence your view is truly shocking when I, You, Sam and even Mr. IQD has fought long and hard to start hearing what people really think what with the strict censorship that goes with the Iraqi Dinar Investment.

    Mr. IQD is on par with Dinar Recaps, strict censorship……….. shame. I quite liked his work.


    • Hi Baghdad Invest

      There was nothing scathing about what I said. If Mr. IQD is offended he has some very thin skin in deed! I think he was upset because I debunked his Kuwaiti Revalue B.S. I Believe that it made him mad because I posted evidence that there was no Kuwaiti Revalue! His response was more to do with me disproving his theory then with me insulting him, which by the way I did no such thing.

      He still wants to believe in the dinar even though his beliefs are beyond reason. This just goes to prove that you can’t use logic and reason with people who have not used logic and reason to arrive at their conclusions. Everything with the dinar investment is based on hype and emotion not common sense.

      Mr. IQD hides behind the point that he believes in the investment. He just does not listen to the gurus. The problem is he believes in the investment in spite of the facts, It is like trying to convince someone that the world is round and they ignore your evidence and proclaim that they choose to believe the world is flat. A self righteous belief in something does not make it true!


  7. Marcus,

    Keep up the good work. You are the primary reason that I researched the IQD last year when I was considering this as an investment. Your website provided a great deal of informatin.

    Many thanks,



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