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BBC seeks the truth

The BBC just did a story on the Iraqi dinar. BBC started reporting on a trend that took twitter by storm. This was kind of like an Occupy Wall Street campaign in cyberspace. About 4 million tweets appeared that said various things but all had one phrase that said “#wearethepeople.”

This was a campaign that was started by dinar guru TNT Tony. Some tweets simply said “Release the RV #wearethepeople” I think the Sheeple who follow Tony may feel that this is a great course of action and it could result in launching this fictitious RV. This campaign has led to a BBC investigation which led to a proper analysis of the situation.

The BBC story was written by Cordelia Hebblethwaite. She did her due diligence and she treated the story with the proper analysis it deserves. I did speak with her on this topic. She spoke to a number of other people in the dinar community as well. She spent a great deal of time digging to find the truth. I found her reporting to be very fair and objective. I sure hope they do some follow-up articles.

In addition to the article the story will also be on BBC radio. Here are the links to the article and the radio show.



Blog Talk Radio

It seems that TNT Tony is no longer doing his Blog Talk show. For some reason his show is off the air. If you go and visit his blog Talk Page you get an error 404 message. The reason for this is not known and what he will do next to fill the gap of his Blog Talk show is anyone’s guess.

According to Ripoff report and the sites below TNT Tony is actually someone named Anthony Renfrow





It is my belief that this #wearethepeople is nothing more than an attempt to lead more followers to a false conclusion that there will be an RV soon if they participate in this ridiculous twitter tweeting escapade. Do these guys actually think they can force a Revalue by tweeting release the RV? I don’t think it is an effort to get new followers. I think it is an attempt to boost the hopes of those already looking for that financial windfall that they are expecting from this Iraqi Dinar.

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    • Hey Marcus, Shaker here. What happened the email wouldn’t print? Maybe it just isn’t up yet. Check back in a bit. Shake! Shake!


  1. Hey just call it what it is…………..101% SCAM……..NO MORE, NO LESS!!! If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck and looks like a duck, it’s a damned duck!!!


  2. I have one more thought. Izent the world full of possible, well, lets use the word scams. Case in point. Lets use the stock market for example. Could that be called a scam? I mean after all, approximately 95% of ppl that day trade the stock market loose all or if not most of their money in the first 12 months. Lets see, you have market makers that can see where stops are placed, so they trade in enough volume to just take out those stops then the market continues in the dirrection those ppl had planed on in the first place. Case in point, look at the first anniversary after 911. Well guess where the stock market closed on that day, yep, that’s rite 911, u can check those facts out. My point is, the stock market is manipulated in so many ways. I personally know ppl that have lost over 100k, in the market because of manipulation, yet that is not called a scam ?? Now there is plenty of information available concerning the stock market and how dangerous it is to day trade on google and bing, yet ppl decide to take the risk. I could go on with examples on different risks in different venues but I think u get the point. Look, I agree with the both of u, the dinar has many obstacles in its path and the chances for an increase are slim, but as Bill o’riley would say, We report, u decide.


    • Bowhuntere, your stock market analogy is just one giant straw man. NO-ONE is saying “buy $860 of stocks because the Dow Jones will shoot up 3,500,000% from 16,100 to 65,600,000, ‘soon’, ‘imminently’, ‘you just have to have faith!’, ‘I have secret intel!’, ‘I’m hearing good news about this weekends ‘millionaire blessings”, etc, etc” in some imaginary non-existent “RV” event that simply isn’t mathematically possible on the back of a string of blatant lies & highly persuasive propaganda techniques that get recycled month after month, year after year. The fact stock market bubbles, insider trading, “boiler room” scams, HYIP Ponzi schemes, MLM pyramid schemes, penny stock pump & dump, door to door conmen, etc, exist as separate issues doesn’t change that. And even if the stock market WERE a scam – “Two wrongs don’t make a right”.

      The “make 100,000%-3,500,000% profit overnight in an Iraqi Dinar RV” is a 100% get-rich-quick scam. A Forex mis-selling scam. Period. It’s not even possible, let alone likely. With 85tn in circulation, the stupid “$3.5 / $35 rates” guru’s are throwing around are equal to 4-40x planet Earth’s worth of money. See the problem now with *not* calling that a scam or pretending it’s all down to a ‘relative difference of opinion’? For Iraq to “RV” at stupid “$35 Tony rates” would mean they’d end up with a money supply 14,875x larger than their economy. Hyper-inflation in a nutshell. What they are pumping is simply not possible no different to pumping the 13th, 14th, 15th, etc, iterations of a factor 6 pyramid scheme:-

      So is the equally absurd Vietnamese Dong, Zimbabwe Dollar, etc, whose ultra weak currencies are nothing more than the result of them printing QUADRILLIONS of paper banknotes and diluting the value of all them via past hyper-inflation.

      All these “RV” scams are targeted at people (particularly conspiracy addicts) with zero Forex experience, who think only the USA suffers from inflation and basically have no idea why the weak currency they’re purchasing fell in value in the first place (which just “coincidentally” happened when their country started printing 1,000x more money under 300-1000% inflation rates)!

      As for “we report, you decide”, some scams are so literally impossible there’s really nothing to decide – only to deny. It’s like “deciding” over whether 419 scams (eg, “Nigerian Prince” e-mails) are real. If it takes you more than 1 hour, you probably won’t be able to discern the truth anyway no matter how many facts are made available without someone spelling it out step by step, purely out of confirmation bias (reading only what you want to believe in, and actively avoiding any genuine facts that sound “disappointing”).


  3. Curtis, I have only one issue with your approach concerning the dinar. I followed u for a long time before u turned against the dinar, u were a diligent researcher and still are. That said, instead of calling the dinar a scam why not just stick with the facts backed up with articles, as u do now, then let the ppl make up their minds. U know goverments can change policy at a whim, especially young goverments such as Iraq. Lets say that the dinar does RV or float, then everything you have said about it not RVing or floating would be wrong. So instead of being wright or wrong on this issue, just be a source of information. Then time will bear the truth. I know u don’t want ppl to get scamed and u r trying to protect ppl but if u put out information then folks can deciede based on factual history and articles.

    Have a great day


    • Bowhuntere – Iraq can “change its policy” as often as it wants. Every week or even every day if it wanted to. But the “+100,000-3,000,000% RV” is still a nonsensical mathematical impossibility based on nothing but greed-fuelled confusion. If the Dinar floated, it’s value wouldn’t go up and may even go DOWN given the market / street rate is consistently LOWER than the official peg hovering around 1200-1250:1. And if Iraq “RV’d” more than 15% they’d go bankrupt.

      Facts are the last thing people “decide” on regarding the “RV”, and time will indeed bear the truth when people eventually wake up and realise all the faith, hopes, dreams, fantasies, conspiracies and wishful thinking will still not mystically cause Iraq’s massively inflated 85,000bn of Dinar to be worth 1,000x more than they are is for no reason whatsoever (other than chronic ignorance of Iraq’s 1990’s inflation rates or how currencies work in general)…

      The Dinar fell in value due to a +300% rate of inflation every year for almost a decade in the 1990’s when Saddam printed 4,000x more money than they used to have in the 80’s. It really is that simple, yet even that very basic fact is something most Dinar “investors” run away from.

      Sorry, but there genuinely is a right and a wrong in this case, and all the attempts to “relativise” every baseless “feel-good” claim about the Dinar into some “everyone’s opinion must have equal merit” is nonsense. It’s like saying pyramid schemes “might” be sustainable if you “believe” enough, when it is a simple provable mathematically objective fact that they are unsustainable no matter how strongly or how long you “believe” to the contrary.

      The “RV” is indeed a scam for the same reason – the CBI has around $80bn to back 85,000bn Dinar, hence the sub 1000:1 rate in the first place. They can arbitrarily “dictate” the rate to be 3,500-35,000x higher and all that would happen is every bank in Iraq would run out money before even 0.003-0.03% of everyone’s banknotes got exchanged… How many countries do you know “deserve” a money supply almost 1,500-15,000x larger than the size of their economy? Does the USA “deserve” a money supply of $24-240 quadrillion to match the “junk economics rates” of the “RV”? Common sense is a wonderful thing…

      Marcus – – Great post. I don’t think they believe they can “force” an “RV”, I think the whole recent charade is simply an attempted distraction tactic in the run-up to Tony’s upcoming court case for his other fraudulent scams (14DailyPlus, etc).


      • Brian, I was not making a case for or against the dinar. You are making a case against it with your information u just posted. All I said was let ppl decide based on information. Without going into a full blown US history of currency, we at one time had a 10,000 note.


      • Hi Brian I agree that some may believe this and this is obviously Tony’s approach. I do think there are some who feel that making this RV known is causing problems for the bankers and the people they believe are cashing in. Fortunately when they say idiotic things like release the RV, most people think they are talking about recreational vehicles. But you do raise a valid point. After reconsidering their motives I think you may be right about their main goal. Who knows what the real motive is. certainly not me. This is just speculation on my part.


        It is true we had a 10,000 note. In fact we had a 100,000 note. Woodrow Wilson is the person on that note. He was the president that signed the federal reserve into law. It is important to know that the higher notes were never meant to be in general circulation. They were only meant as a means for public banks and the federal reserve to transfer money within the banking structure.

        Fractional reserve banking was done through record keeping and a check writing system. These notes were not pulled due to a revalue of the U.S. currency. In fact since the federal reserve took over, our money has depreciated over 95 percent. This is why 20 dollars does not buy today what it did 10 years ago.

        Eventually these notes were pulled from the banking structure because of an elaborate computer system and electronic currency. That new system replaced those notes.


      • Bowhuntere – “You are making a case against it with your information u just posted. All I said was let ppl decide based on information”

        Well the whole point of running a blog is precisely to comment on stuff / explain it further! That’s why the button “Post Comment” has the word “comment” in it. 🙂 There’s an absolute ton of deliberate misinformation and outright blatant lies surrounding the Dinar (like the non-existent Kuwaiti “RV”, the absurd “Dong” pumping, etc) – all targeting the naive who know virtually little to nothing about how currencies are actually valued in the real world away from pumper fantasy forums, and many simply don’t know where to begin to look. You won’t find guru’s even attempting to give you the “neutral truth” on anything as their whole business model is the exact inverse, so why not balance it out a bit more with blogs like this, DDB, Baghdad Invest, etc, that do take the time to explain it and surrounding issues in context without guru “word-games”?

        Bowhuntere – “Without going into a full blown US history of currency, we at one time had a 10,000 note.”

        And Zimbabwe once had a 100 trillion Dollar note, but you wouldn’t have made yourself a millionaire owning $10,000 of either of them.

        Ironically, your $10,000 USD banknote on a subject about Iraqi Dinar is a perfect example of why further explanations in addition to simply quoting irrelevant facts and leaving them dangling unexplained in mid-air is precisely needed. The USA had large denoms simply because it wanted them for interbank transactions (prior to the electronic age) – and all those $500 / $1,000 / $5,000 / $10,000 / $100,000 banknotes were created in addition to regular non-inflated notes of $1, $2, $5, etc, up until they were replaced with digital interbank transactions.

        Iraq is a totally different situation – their high denom banknotes are the direct result of +300% year-on-year inflation rates which literally inflated all regular lower denom Dinar notes and coins completely out of existence and drove up the price of a bread from under 1 Dinar to over 1,300 Dinar.

        Sometimes people can only make a serious decision if something is actually explained to them honestly and in proper context as to why a scam is indeed a scam…


    • Bowhuntere,

      Calling the dinar a scam is not a conclusion or an opinion. It is indeed a fact. I know that sounds opinionated but it is the truth.The question here is what is meant when I say that. Obviously the dinar itself is not a scam. Just for clarity’s sake. The dinar investment and the hype of making millions is the scam to which I am referring..

      Given the amount of people that purchased dinar I wish very much to be wrong, I really do. I don’t like what is happening to people out there who blindly trust this thing. I very much wish to be wrong about this whole thing even more than you know.

      But this is not driven by an ego and a desire to be right. This is an attempt to save as many people as possible and that is all it is. I am no one special. Anyone can do the research I do. Everyone has access to Bing, Google, and the many other search engines out there. The problem is because of inductive reasoning people refuse to see it.

      When you have the international Monetary Fund calling it a scam and saying it is dangerous do you think that just maybe that is the truth?

      Listen, I appreciate you taking the time to speak your mind in a polite and kind manor. A civil discussion is really the best approach. I feel zeal from time to time because of the pain that this so-called investment inflicted on my family. So I call it for what it really is without using vague references.

      If your house is burning down I am not going to wake you and say, I think your house is burning down but that is only my opinion based on my research. I see fire. I smell smoke. I hear the crackle of burning wood, but you reach your own conclusions this is only my opinion. you can go back to sleep now. If you were to perish in that fire rest assured it won’t be by my hands!


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