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There is a difference in lying and being misinformed. When someone says something that is not true it can fall into one of those two categories. In the past there have been many rumors that are passed on in the dinar communities which are simply not true. For the most part they gain momentum and before long they are accepted as fact. This misinformation comes from a lack of understanding about how money really works.

That being said I will say for the first 2 years of this investment I was grossly misinformed. I believed in this investment because of the misinformation and my opinion of how money works. My misinformation has been copied and pasted into other forums because it promoted hope. Now that I have learned the truth I have an obligation to set the record straight. Back when I believed in this investment I was getting thousands of hits on this blog. This is something I never expected. Now that my view has changed and the hope of making money is gone the hits are single and double digits. Not much traffic to really speak of these days.

Even so there were reasons to keep this blog going. The first one is to set the record straight, the second one is because of the readers who purchased dinar because of my views, and the third is because my old posts are copied and pasted everywhere. I wanted to cover all the reasons why I first purchased the dinar. All of these reasons were based on misinformation. I did not research as much as I should have before I purchased the dinar. The subject of money was so vast that it took me 2 years to get a basic understanding of how economics work. This blog is vast and there is a lot of reading involved. So in this post I will present my evidence that support my conclusions using all the links and articles on my sites. This will be a condensed version. So let’s look at all the misinformation. This article is more or less a summary of this entire blog.

1. The first article The Truth About The Dinar covers how I got involved with this whole thing and how this blog started.

2. The Truth About The Dinar part 2 . In this article I expose the truth that the lower denominations were not printed as of yet in July of 2011. Since I was involved I have always heard that they have the lower denominations. I also expose the fact that there was never a Kuwaiti revalue. There was a Kuwaiti redenomination, but never a revalue. My source for this was the vast assortment of news articles from 1991 regarding Kuwait and the invasion. The other source for this is the central bank of Kuwait itself. Their website will expose this rumor for what it is.

3. Where Do We Go From Here covers how the dinar gets here in the U.S. It covers the SOFA (status of Forces Agreement) with Iraq and shows how soldiers were not allowed to bring back dinar with them. It covers the way this currency flows. This is only one stream of flow but I believe it to be one of the major ones.

4. Where Do We Go From Here part 2 covers the redenomination process and a few other opinions from people regarding why the dinar is a scam. It covers the history of the rise of this global economic machine.

5. The Conclusion To The Matter covers other links from other people who feel as I do. I really don’t know any of these guys but they do make some valid arguments. We also cover why the dinar will not be an internationally traded currency

6. The Conclusion To The Matter part 2 is a rebuttal to an article I wrote called “The Iraqi Dinar Will Revalue Here’s Why” Basically I am arguing with myself and my conclusions were all wrong back when I wrote that piece and this is an attempt to correct it. This is the number one article that can be found in most forums.

7. The Dinar Will Not Be A Reserve Currency. This gives an overview of money and the laws that have backed it throughout the years. It talks about why the dinar cannot be a reserve.

8. How The Dinar Works. This article covers the fact the Iraqi dinar is not used to sell oil and it will not be used to sell oil. It goes on to outline the petro-dollar system. It also talks about how the dinar is not being used to rebuild Iraq. Revenue from oil being sold in U.S. dollars is being used to rebuild Iraq. I have another article on another blog that talks about Iraq’s history regarding oil and recaps everything that happened in Iraq since the 70’s. This article is called The Role That Oil Plays For Iraq and the Petro Dollar System. This article goes into much more detail about this.

9. Lies Deceit and Denial covers and exposes the truth about executive order 13303. This order does not protect dinar investors like we were led to believe. It also exposes the fact that the Government does not have trillions of dinar stockpiled for a revalue. It also covers a court case between the government and the BH Group. The government is prosecuting the BH group based on their statement in the indictment which claims there will be no RV and Iraq plans on redenominating their currency. A link to the indictment is available.

They have their first conviction look here. Read more about the charges here

So all the reasons that I purchased dinar in the first place are covered in all these posts. Every article has qualified links that present the truth. Truth is different from opinion. Truth is based upon facts. You are entitled to your own opinion, but you are not entitled to your own facts. You can believe anything you want and have various views on anything based on any facts you find. The dinar will not revalue that is a truthful fact not an opinion. The indictment against the BH group declares this.

Now I made my case. At this point do what you feel is right for you regarding this investment. The links in these articles will help you to do your own research. Don’t take my word for anything. Look at the links that led me to this conclusion. It is my plan that this will be my last post regarding this investment. My plans now are to move on to other things. I do not have plans to follow or track this investment any longer. My plan now is to move on and watch this whole thing fade into obscurity taking with me all the hard lessons I have learned from this investment. Yes there is a difference between misinformation and lying. It has been my objective to deal with all the misinformation that trapped me in this investment in the first place.

Eventually I will end this dinar chapter of my life I may even take this blog down once Iraq goes into a redenomination process. I would like for this to be my last post. Let me apologize now to the 5 people who read this blog. It use to be thousands, but I think people are tired of reading about this. That is fine because It has been time for me to disconnect for a while. Now it is on to other things.

14 thoughts on “This is it for me

  1. Hi, I bought Dinars thru recommendation of friends who bought alot of them. I just found your site as I am investigating and so happy to be able to read it. Thanks for doing this.


  2. Thanks for taking your time to keep us informed.  Appreciate it.



  3. Thank you to everyone for your kind words. I just needed to have a clear conscience. That is the main reason behind bringing back the blog and documenting everything.


    I really do appreciate your contributions and input to this site. You are a great help. Just for the record I am not going to stop writing in my blogs. I am just going to stop writing about the dinar. right now My music blog is the focus of my writing. The music lessons, free music, recording advice and free software will help a lot of musicians. This was something I planned on doing after the so called revalue. Funny how things work.

    My Music Site is

    Once I have the structure up and running I plan on writing for my other blog BVAWE. So the other things I touched on outside of the dinar will be pursued once again. I will talk about economics and global economics once again.

    Thank you to everyone who reads the blogs, and thank you to everyone for your support.

    Peace and God Bless!


    • Marcus, Just for your info……..
      I tried to send you informaton on an article I found in an Iraqi newspaper but could not do it under Dinar updates 1.
      So here it is… translated
      The Iraqi Government announced on Monday, 10 June, the formation of a Joint Committee of the ministries of finance, planning and the Central Bank to adjust the value of the Iraqi dinar against foreign currencies and prevent slumping. The Committee will develop several regulations aimed at keeping the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar in the acceptable level and prevent the decline in its value. It iwill support the global value of gold and prevent manipulation by traders and banks foreign currency exchange rate of the dollar and the euro.


  4. Marcus, my deepest appreciation for the tremendous effort you put forth on this issue. Yes, this endeavor for all of us will undoubtedly come to naught as far as money riches go. I have come away with other riches, now of great help in other areas.

    Thanks again.


  5. Marcus,

    I have read all your blogs from the very beginning and followed along with your thoughts and research. You have taught me a lot of things and have really broadened my understanding of money and currency. There was a lot I did not know or understand, and it is because of you that my husband and I began learning more and doing more research not only about the Dinar but other things you touched upon as you wrote your blogs.

    I truly will miss reading your blogs and I know you appreciated some of the things I had contributed to your site. When you opened my eyes over this disappointing Dinar investment, I quickly changed the course of my financial situation by focusing on other things. I thank you for all the work you have done and the time you have invested over all these years.

    If you were just touchable and close to us here in Florida, I would give you the biggest bear hug and thank you for all you’ve done.

    May the road we choose be the right road……



  6. Marcus,

    Thank you for your viewpoint and factual information. The only people making money on the Dinar are the ones who continue to get the so called Newbies to follow them which promotes their websites that have products for the newbies to buy. The Dinar is a hook to bait consumers! That’s what I have found and they should all be ashamed of theirselves!



  7. Marcus
    I have spent numerous hours reading all your info including links + am amazed good job I followed you in the Dinar world + like many really wanted to believe that this was a win-win situation. I do want to thank you for e-mail with all this info + cause all I really want is the TRUTH + I see you have done an incredible amount of research seeking the same + wish to give credit where it’s due’ in my book it takes someone special to go as far out of their way to rectify the TRUTH where so many others have just left with nothing said at all.The amount of info I have read since first getting involved in the dinar which at the time was gonna hit any day (2009) + according to my buddy better jump in now + wow was directed to sites that were excited beyond belief + for the better part of that year spent many hours listening + reading their hype + never figured it would ever go past Jan 1,2011 LOL so I’ve tried to get some involved in first year I was in + now have also tried to get some out + at this stage I feel if they want info I’m not really the 1 to ask I will point the best way I know = TRUTH THANK YOU


    PS awesome music ability + will continue to follow you but on this new level


  8. marcus,

    i remember your articles and what a great job you did. if nothing else, at least now i have some undsrstanding of fractional reserve banking. your new take is a tough pill. not b/c of opposing views, but rather the scam concept. i knew this was a long shot from the start. i saw it as low odds speculation, but the currency is real and iraq is really a place. so i dont know if scam is correct. i didnt go big so no major heartache whatever the outcome. it could be worse…..i could have spent the money on scratch offs!


  9. Marcus,

    bless you for your effort and energy you put in to this series. I stumbled upon your blog a couple of years ago as dinar fever was peaking and I too followed along with high anxiety and the prospect of easy money. Reading through your posts reminded me of many long forgotten finacial lessons I had in my youth plus reminded me of the need to be both being watchful for weasels and being diligent of not forgetting the past. While your posts have evolved and changed over that time, the core meanings in them are stillgermain and should be required reading for everyone.

    I too have since moved on from my Dinar “investments” and no longer loose sleep over it. I have put myself on a path towards improved financial position that includes hard work and effort. I take occasion to remind the interested and uninformed of how money works. In tha regardt, I can thank you for the efforts you put out for all to see. While I’m sure you have received grief in many and varied forms, please be assured that here is one person that appreciates the effort you put in and I feel the information you shared has been meaningful.

    Many thanks and best wishes for your future.



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