The Conclusion To The Matter part 1

I was just about like every other investor I came into contact with. The Iraqi dinar was my first real investment outside of my 401k. I knew nothing about currencies or investing. I took a lot of things at face value. When I was told the Kuwait lie and the Germany lie I believed it hook line and sinker. There were a lot of lies I believed when I first got into this thing. I was about as green and gullible as I could possibly be. When I was writing posts for the blog I just repeated what I was reading in my own words. I never expected it to get as big as it did. The only point of the blog was to answer a few questions for friends and family. Soon my posts were repeated, copied, and pasted in dinar forums all over the community. As if I was some kind of authority.

I really could not understand why the hits on the blog were going up until one day I ventured into a forum and saw what I wrote on the blog. When I found out the truth I removed all the posts that had misleading information. My point of view had changed once I stopped taking the gurus word and dug in to verify the things that were said. The problem I had was that even though I removed these from the blog they were copied and pasted in the forums. There was no way to delete those posts. So the real reason for bringing Iraq Currency Watch back was to set the record straight and correct things I no longer believe. The second reason was to warn all the people who took the time to read my blog. I need to warn them about what is going to happen next. This is so they can make the right choice. These are my only goals. After this post I am done and I will no longer follow this investment. I will remove myself from investment communities and pursue the things that interest me.

I never made any money from this blog. I wanted to stay open and impartial. Making money on ads would color my perspective because now I am no better than the other gurus who make money because the reader believes there is going to be a revalue. These five posts are all about correcting misinformation and speaking the truth. In the first post I gave my personal story about how I got involved with the dinar. In the second post I correct a lot of things I believed at the time but found out later were not true. In the third post we follow the money and you begin to see the truth with this investment. In the fourth post we talk about revalue versus redenomination. We talked about the problems that could make the government unstable. If this happens everyone will lose.

Now I would like to talk about the network set up here in America to move the dinar. This dinar network is a combination of forums dealers and independent research teams. Most are dishonest and on the take. There are some that search for the truth and believe they are doing a good thing. These people don’t believe the things I revealed in the last 4 posts and for the most part are investors themselves like I once was. I hope that once you see the corruption in the way the dinar is sold you will understand why seasoned investors refer to this as a scam. I just want to show you research other people have done so you can be informed. Let this thing be established by more than one witness.

This first site is called Iraq Dinar Money. The column to the right shows a list of dealers and sites. It shows the ones who share the same IP address. It seems some sites are set up as independent analysis. They display Investment Intel and news related to Iraq. They give the appearance of being an independent site. Other sites sell dinar, but they are secretly connected to the analysis site. The illusion is these two sites are separate when in fact they share the same goal and they are one and the same. That goal is sell the dinar by any means. a lot of these sites even share the same IP address. This site is a great source for flushing out the scam artists. They tell lies to sell dinar and entice people into buying. This is also known as pumping

The other site that seems to do a great job at revealing conflicts of interest is called Dinar Douche Bags. This site reveals the real identity of the people lying to you. They have information on how gurus are connected to each other. They show all the con games going on with this investment.

The mission of Iraq Currency Watch has always been to seek the truth about this investment. I will admit I am kind of slow. After all, it took me two years to discover it. So basically I put to the test the things that are said about this investment. Iraqi Dinar Money shows how all the dealers are connected. Dinar Douchebags show and reveal the identity of all the liars. Between these three sites you should know enough about this scam to know that any money spent on the dinar will be wasted and you will lose. That is unless you can find some poor sucker on eBay who won’t listen to reason.

So now I want to talk about how my family and I got our dinar and how members of my family were scammed. When I heard about the dinar I did not dig as deep as I should have because I was looking at other currencies too. Time was limited. I found one of the independent analysis sites that were connected to the dealers. These sites are good at setting up straw men to tackle. When I decided to buy my dinar I purchased it all from Dinar Trade. This site was run by a man by the name of Ali Agha. I saw his clip on MSNBC. Ali sells the real deal. His currency is real dinar and as far as a fair exchange goes and getting real dinar in that department he is more than honest. He backs the authenticity of the currency. So I felt he was reputable.

What I did not realize at the time was how independent analysis sites were set up with Ali. At that time you could go to Dinar Daddy or Franks KTFM site and get hype about the dinar. Their job was pumping. They sent you to Ali’s site to purchase it. When you type in their special code you got a discount on your purchase. I think my discount was around 5 bucks. It was amazing how policy at Dinar Trade and intel by the gurus went hand in hand.

Let me give you an example. My brother had about 100,000 dinar. That’s all he wanted to invest. He did not want to invest anymore. Money was extremely tight and he was barely making it. During the whole summer of 2010 the gurus in the analysis forums said when the dinar RVs the rate will be over 3.00 and it will go up from there. Frank had a rate prediction of around $3.86. Everyone said when it RVs the rate will go up. Ali had a policy that you could lock into a rate after the revalue with 100,000 dinars if you made an appointment with him after the revalue. He would pro rate it.

Ali Agha from Dinar Trade changed his policy. He said that you need to have a million dinar to lock in a rate. At the same time and right on cue the gurus and pumpers changed what they were saying. They now said that when the rate comes out it will be high at first then it will go down. Now if you believe that the rate will go down after the initial RV and you now know that you need a million dinar to lock in a rate, what are you going to do? You are going to beg borrow and steal to get more dinars so you can maximize your profits right? Well my brother purchased a million dinar from Ali and he put in his code for his discount. I had other family members that sold family air looms for cheap to get the money to buy more dinars. I don’t know how much more money the dealers made as a result of this. I began to suspect that the pumpers were getting kickbacks from Dinar trade. My suspicion was this. The real reason for the discount code was to give commissions to the proper pumpers, and to credit those guys for the sales. Frank had his own code and Roger had his. This became more apparent later when Roger Dorman went on his own and started Treasury Vault. He introduced his wife Angela as the owner of Treasury vault as though she was just an acquaintance. My brother was scammed into buying 1,000,000 more dinars even though he was fine only holding 100,000.

Ali has had legal issues as well

Here is an insert from that legal case,

“From on or about January 1, 2008, through the date of this Order, Dinar Trade has exchanged approximately $4,400,000.00 into Iraqi dinars in approximately 5,000 transactions for residents of the State of Arkansas.”!userfiles/Consent%20Order%20C-11-0205-11-OR02.pdf

It makes you wonder just how much dinar has been sold and is sitting here in the United States. Does anyone know? Please leave a comment if you do.

Dinar Trade started another policy that turned out to be beneficial for Ali. That policy was buying dinar on reserve. This is how it works. Let’s say you wanted to buy 10,000,000 dinar. Now Let’s say you did not have all the money for that much dinar. You could put 10 percent down. The dinar was held out in reserve. You had 30 days to come up with the rest of the money. If you did not come up with the money you lost your reserve and you lost your deposit.

I know a lady at the Starbucks where I work she used the reserve to try to get a million dinar. She put $100.00 down and she was not able to come up with the rest. She lost her money. She told me the gurus at the pumper sites where predicting it would RV within the month so she thought she would buy dinar on reserve put in the discount code and pay for it after the revalue, And that is how that scam worked. Who knows how many people bought dinar this way and lost. The dealers are making money because they don’t even need to provide the dinar in the transaction. They just sit back and collect, and the pumpers get their commission

Later on Ali closed down. Dinar Daddy’s owner, Roger Dorman with his wife Angela Dorman starts Treasury Vault. They have the same policy concerning reserve but they changed it. If you don’t meet the reserve time instead of losing all your money you get the equivalent deposit in dinar.

Around the end of April first part of May in 2011 Ali closes Dinar Trade. His excuse at that time was someone was making threats to his family. Now Ali is opening for business again. He just sent me an email.

To all of our valued and loyal customers and friends,

We would like to thank you for your continued loyalty and support. We have received overwhelming response to our newly introduced “Guarantee Reserve Program,” allowing you pay the initial 10% purchase amount with no obligation to pay the remaining 90% balance. If you choose this, you still will receive the 10% amount in Dinars.

Unlike other dealers, all of our currency programs are backed 100% by the capitalization of Dinar Trade. The “Guarantee on Reserve” program ensures the full amount of Dinars that you reserve are kept in our secure vault. Other dealers have often imitated our reserve program, but cannot match our customer service and industry-leading services.

So now he is back?………. He gives an interview on blog talk radio

In the link above is a call on Blog Talk Radio. The call is between Ali Agha and Roger Dorman. He talks about opening up his business and he talks about his contacts in Iraq. I believe Ali does indeed have contacts in Iraq. I think he is well-connected.

This whole thing puzzles me. I strongly suspect his real reasons for closing down and starting up again are different from what he says in this call. The timing is too suspicious to me. When Ali closes down it was just one and a half months later in June that Iraq announces their redenomination. They announce new lower denominations that will be printed with Kurdish symbols. The last video in the last post goes into detail about this.

Now this redenomination has been put on hold. The date of this article is April 14 2012.

“BAGHDAD, April 12 (Reuters) – Iraq has decided to hold off on a plan to knock three zeros off the nominal value of bank notes of its currency because it does not believe the economic climate is suitable, the cabinet secretary said on Thursday.”

We talked about the fact that Shabibi released 6.5 trillion more dinars into the money supply. Now all of a sudden Ali opens up for business once again! I think the dealers, pumpers, gurus, and even Iraq thinks we can get a little more milk out of this cow. These are my suspicions. I would like someone to provide evidence that proves otherwise. has been around since May 5 2004. It was registered out of Bakersfield, California by Maria Agha. The site is run by Ali and it was started with his father. Now Ali is moving his headquarters to Las Vegas. The main Office will be there. He says the reason for this is because of threats on his family. I think the real reason may be because he thought the dinar was going to redenominate so he closes up shop. Then they postpone the redenomination a few years so he reopens in Vegas. He chooses Vegas because he is getting killed on taxes in California. Nevada has no state income taxes. This whole thing just smells funny to me. Why is Roger on a conference call with Ali? Isn’t he a competitor now? Treasury Vault competes with Dinar Trade right? Or does it? Rogers’s wife runs Treasury Vault. I noticed that Frank was missing from the call. Of course I downloaded the call and it is now in my archives.

It is stuff like this that causes me to suspect that when the redenomination comes and a new ISO number is issued the dealers will all pack up and go into hiding. They won’t buy dinar anymore because they won’t be able to sell it to new investors and they won’t trade it in because there may be issues with returning the currency to Iraq.

“Wait but Ali will provide liquidity because he owns a bank in Iraq right?”

Here is a list of all the banks in Iraq.

Central Bank

Central Bank of Iraq

State owned banks

Rafidain Bank
Rasheed Bank
Industrial Bank of Iraq
Agricultural Cooperative Bank of Iraq
Real Estate Bank of Iraq
Bank of Iraq
Trade Bank of Iraq

Private Banks

Ashur International Bank for Investment (Mobile: +9647700224514, +971505589633)
Kurdistan International Bank for Investment and Development
Warka Bank
Babylon Bank
Bank of Baghdad
Basrah International Bank for Investment
Commercial Bank of Iraq
Credit Bank of Iraq
Dar Es Salaam Investment Bank (Dijlah and Furat Bank)
Economy Bank Iraq
Gulf Commercial Bank
Industrial Union Investment Bank
Investment Bank of Iraq
Iraqi Middle East Investment Bank
Islamic Bank
Mosul Bank
North Bank
Sumer Bank
Union Bank of Iraq
United Investment Bank

Ali Agha is not listed as the owner of any of these banks. In fact these banks have not changed owners since 2006.

If you want to find out anything about dinar lies or anything about dealers or pumpers just use these three sites. Iraq Currency Watch, Dinar Douche Bags, and Iraq dinar money,

Let’s say you want to know more about the site dinar vets. Start by going to Iraq dinar money and search for the Site and its founder

Now let’s say you want to find out more about Adam Montana. Adam wrote a book and in this book he claims he is a Harvard graduate. Let’s say you want to know more. Well a quick dig and you discover that Adam is not this guy’s real name. Over at dinar Douchebags you can discover his real name which is in fact James Wolf,

Sam I Am has way too much time on his hands but he is uncovering some interesting things. He did analysis of Adams voice from a conference call and found his ski video on You Tube. Voice analysis confirmed that James Wolf is indeed Adam Montana.

This You Tube channel has videos revealing this guy. James Wolf AKA Adam Montana sells some VIP membership on his site which promotes giving financial advice after the revalue. I looked at Harvard. There is no record that I could find of one James Wolf ever graduating from that university. If anyone has a record of this please share. ummm James I know your reading this!!!

These are the kind of things associated with this currency that make real investors consider this whole thing a scam. Can anyone name another currency that is lied about so much?

Internationally Traded Currency

The big question I get from people is how will Iraq be an internationally traded currency if they redenominate? This is a step in the wrong direction isn’t it? The banks will trade it in after the RD, RV, RI or whatever. This is because the currency will be internationally traded right?

My response is this. Are the banks taking the dinar now? There used to be several in my area. There are none now. The dinar is only meant for use in Iraq. It is a pegged currency and it does not float. Right now it is not an internationally traded currency. But let’s consider for a moment that Iraq wants their dinar to be internationally traded like some of the other currencies on Forex.

Iraq’s currency could  become an internationally traded currency after the redenomination process is finished. In other words they redenominate and you miss the trade in period because you are unable to exchange the old denominations for the new denominations. After the trade in period expires and the process is over then the new dinar becomes an internationally traded currency. No one knows for sure that they will redenominate and become an international currency at the same time! Just like no one knows that they will redenominate and dedollarize at the same time. They may choose to dedollarize long after the redenomination process.

Consider this, It would benefit Iraq to redenominate in country only and get rid of all the old currency outside its borders without providing liquidity. It would not need to send the billions of US dollars back to the United States that it once got for it’s now worthless currency in the first place. They won’t need to print as many lower denominations saving even more cost on the redenomination.

But I just want the new notes not the US dollars so what’s the problem?

The problem seems to be that there is a liability issue with the new notes. Even though you may want those notes now there will come a time when you will want to trade that new note for the US dollar. I tried to calculate just how much dinar is in the United States. I think that there is at least 2 1/5 trillion dinar here in the states. (Not sure of exact amount) If this is the case that means that over 2 billion US dollars are in Iraq because of this. Why would Iraq allow new denominations to come to America? Won’t Iraq be on the hook for that much money? Oh wait we all know how honest the politicians are over there right? You can trust the guys running that country half way around the world. (note the sarcasm) In your heart……What do you think Iraq is really going to do?

I really started this post thinking it would be my last, but this post is already getting way to long. So I will need to stop here and do one more. I want to talk about who really owns the central bank in Iraq. This post is already way too long to include all I want to say. I guess writing blog posts are like eating potato chips You can’t just eat one.

24 thoughts on “The Conclusion To The Matter part 1

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  2. A lot of things don’t make sense to me. My question is who owns all the oil and who owns all the banks? Governments; or individuals and companies? Who owns the CBI? If the financial elite own a controling intrest, and they are going to let the dollar and the euro crash, then it would make sense to me that they would want somewhere to change their vast reserves and protect their wealth–the dinar. Also, who owns the oil in Iraq–the government of Iraq or private Iraqi companies and Iraqi people? In the US, the government isn’t in the oil business. The oil companies and individuals own or buy rights to get the oil don’t they? The US government has reserves, but for the most part it’s the private companies that make the profit on getting the oil out of the ground, and the US treasury doesn’t tell what the oil companies what they can do and can’t do and if they want to sell oil through OPEC or the refineries. So is the government of Iraq in the oil business? Is Iraq a huge socialist-facist country owned by the government and so all oil profits will go to the government? If Iraq owns a controling part of the CBI and all of the oil rights in the country then it would make sense to me that Iraq could change dollars for dinars without a problem, but if all the oil rights are owned by companies and individuals, and the CBI is controlled by private bankers like the Federal Reserve Bank in the US is, then the Iraqi government can’t do much about it except except tax everything. This whole thing is very confusing to me. I am trying to follow the money but I don’t know who owns what.


    • Your comment addresses things that are talked about in the next post which was just released. Oil, Natural Gas, and Sulfur crops are all property of the government, and the Iraqi government controls them all. This is why the revenues taken in by these industries are reported in the letter of intent. This is a document given to the IMF every 6 months. You can find older versions of this document using google. Saddam Nationalized the Oil industry in 1971.

      Oil is only sold in dollars it will not be sold in dinars. The evidence of everthing I said including links can be found on my global economics site. The article is called The Role That Oil Plays In Iraq. Although it will take some time to sift through all the information it will answer all your questions. Just click the links in the article for verification of the things I say. Here is a link to the article.


  3. Marcus, have you seen this or referred to this report at all?

    This is the latest quarterly report to Congress on the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction.

    No where on this report does it say that Iraq is repaying the US with oil money. It seems we are dumping billions into the country. However, it looks to me that they are repaying other Non-US countries like Japan. Do you interpret it the same way I do?

    Under the economy section, there was mention of the Dinar….. and this is part of what was said….

    In April 2012, the CoM postponed indefinitely plans for a currency reform that would have
    removed three zeros from the Iraqi dinar in 2013 and required the issuance of new currency
    notes. The reform would have made the dinar’s value slightly less than $1. It is currently
    worth less than one-tenth of a cent.

    So it stated that the reform of removing the three zeroes would give the Dinar a higher value!


    • It is important to note that removal of the zeros has not been called off. It has been postponed! I glanced through this report from the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction when it first came out. It is a good find and thanks for posting it.

      As he says and as some economist say Iraq needs to develop their economy beyond oil, natural gas, and sulfur crops. They need to be more diversified. They need more industry. It would help them to have a manufacturing sector. The only way to do this is to have a currency slightly lower than the dollar. This would draw manufacturing to their country. The dinar does not need to be worthless it just needs to be lower than the dollar. This is evidence that supports a straight across redenomination, and refutes any revalue above $1.00

      At least this is what I read on independent economist sites that have nothing to do with the dinar. The jury is still out on whether or not Iraq will develop a manufacturing base. They would need to do this if they were going to even be considered as a reserve currency. This would also help in WTO membership.

      It should be mentioned that Iraq is not required or obligated to pay back the US for anything. This was well established under the Bush administration

      Thanks for posting this gogomez


  4. Marcus, an acquaintance of mine who still continues to buy Dinars every month said that it would be unlikely that RD would even happen. He said that it cost too much to RD and of course very involved process. He says RV will happen.

    I told him RV is possible but not at the large amounts these gurus are talking about and it could take years and maybe even a decade to slowly rise. With the value being so very low, I may be dead and never see it even go to .01!

    He claims there will be a global currency realignment. Then the Dinars and Dong would raise.

    If it does, then every country would revalue and set their own prices!!!! (All virtual or computer manipulated like gold and silver) I prefer metals because it has some kind of value compared to paper which is tissue paper and worthless!


    • Be careful when people use words like global realignment or global reset. The question is what do they mean by these statements. If they go into further detail and start talking about white hats rest assured this hole global reset thing is the Hoax known as NESARA.

      “NESARA is an acronym for the proposed National Economic Security and Reformation Act, a set of economic reforms suggested during the 1990s by Dr. Harvey Barnard. Barnard claimed that the proposals, which included replacing the income tax with a national sales tax, abolishing compound interest on secured loans, and returning to a bimetallic currency, would result in 0% inflation and a more stable economy. The proposals were never introduced before congress, and the only congressman known to have commented on the bill is Ron Paul, dismissively, and through a spokesman.” (From Wikipedia)

      I checked the congressional record for the 90’s. Then I did a search through the entire data base. This is what the search said. NESARA does not occur in the data base. Then I did a search for National Economic Security And Reform Act. It was not in the record as well. This means that a bill with this name never came before congress. Don’t take my word for it. Look it up yourself

      This means that if it never came before congress, then it never became law!! End of story!!

      But, NESARA took on a life of it’s own. It has become a cult-like conspiracy theory promoted by Shaini Goodwin. She claims the act was actually passed with additional provisions. She also claims George W Bush and the Supreme Court have kept it hidden. In 2000 Barnard decided to release his proposal for Nesara on the internet. Soon after this A user known as the Dove of Oneness began posting about NESARA on internet forums. Dove of Oneness has been identified as Shaini Goodwin. She is a former student of The Ramatha School of Enlightenment. Founded by Judy Zebra Knight aka Judith Darlene Hampton. Basically this is a bunch of New Age Garbage spewed out on the internet that makes no sense! Knight has appeared on U.S. TV shows such as Larry King, The Merv Griffen Show, and MSNBC. Her teachings have attracted people like Shirley MacLaine and Linda Evans. Among the bazaar teachings is the belief that a convert to this teaching is god!

      Goodwin has embellished and added to NESARA. She makes references to white knights. Most of whom are high-ranking military officials who have been struggling to have the NESARA law implemented despite opposition from George Bush. Read her website for yourself

      This is what some people who invested in the dinar mean when they say currency realignment or global reset. NESARA is the root of this terminology in the dinar world. To read more go to my other blog and start reading through the Rabbit Hole series.

      The dinar already revalued it went from 1170 to 1166. It will redenominate more than likely it will be a straight across RD. This is actually cheaper than an RV. Highlander pointed out a document to me that said the CBI will handle the cost of the Redenomination. She said that’s why you will not find an RD in the budget.

      Iraq will save money from the RD because it will not have the debt Liability it would gain from an RV. (Writing about this now) it is actually cheaper for Iraq to RD than RV. Either way they still got to print lower denominations.


      • Marcus, I am not sure if he was referring to NESARA but the conversation we had was over the growing economies of Iraq and Vietnam. Of course he said, that is also why he was buying Dong since Vietnam’s GDP is continuing to grow and it is one of the fastest growing economy. We did talk about the devaluation of the dollar which is being predicted by end of 2012 and China’s deals with over 20 countries no longer using the Dollar for trade but instead using gold and yuan. So he felt that with all these changes, Iraqs money will RV not RD.

        I am looking forward to your writeup on RD versus RV.


      • gogomez,

        I just wanted to point out that a lot of people in the dinar community reference a global reset of currency. Most people are unaware that this idea in the dinar community has it’s origins with NESARA. People quote concepts like global reset that they have heard or read someplace else without having any knowledge of NESARA.

        The new post is taking longer than expected due to the verifying process and the need for further research. This will be the last one for this blog. No more deep detailed researched posts, but I might throw something out from time to time. Your contribution has been great! Thank you for that!


  5. Just a thought,
    After reading the above comments concerning Iraq’s RD on their currency this idea came to me. yes it is true that keeping the value of IQD low is beneficial for export and trade. The war in Iraq I am convinced was not about liberating the Iraqi people from Saddam but to stop Sadam from pumping too much oil into the market. The war in Iraq I think was actually about keeping the price of oil per barrel high not low! These people who work behind the scenes determine who will flourish and who will not. Sadam I believe wanted to start selling oil in Euro dollars and not US dollars. This would have created a much more competitive Europe.So if your a Rothchild what do you do? You set up a war to invade Iraq. Beat their economy to the ground. Devalue their currency and centralize their bank.Print so much dinar that there isn’t a snow ball’s chance in hell of it ever to RV. Why do all this? By printing so much dinar it insures that an Rv will not occur and if the Iraqis descide to RV aswell their currency it spells economic ruin for them. An excess M2 dinar supply ie. 69 trillion insures the oil people that Iraq will not flood the world with excess cheap oil.And if Iraq gets any crazy ideas of doing that the oil and bank people will RV the Dinar after it has RD!This will spell economic disaster for Iraq.It’s all about supply and demand and keeping the supply limited when they want it to be and thus the high price per barrel of oil which keeps a nation in check for it’s growth.


    • Have you heard of Lindsey Williams? There are a lot of YouTube video’s on the Middles East crisis. I believe, the illuminati’s are behind a lot of things and I have no doubt that oil, pricing and control of the population is involved. Just like Gadhafi’s regime was destroyed because he was wanting the middle east to use gold dinars for payments instead of dollars. This occured weeks after a middle eastern conference. There is always a reason why governments (controlled y the Illuminatis) get involved or not involved in going into war or toppling over a current regime. I would like to know about all the deals they make behind the scenes (ie. the comment Obama made to M from Russia).

      Why did we help Mubarak’s regime go down but not Syria? If the power’s that be cared about people dying, then why not help Syria, Sudan etc….. People don’t really matter. It is money and power and greed! Sad to say….

      Also, do I really think that the Illuminatis would want a lot of people to be wealthyvia the Dinar RV? I don’t think so!

      Then what about oil prices? Lindsey Williams says that even if we did not deal with the Middle East oil and used our own oil reserves, prices would still be high, because that’s the plan of the Illuminatis.


    • Your right Michael

      It is the Petro Dollar System that was set up by Kissinger in the early 70’s that gives out dollar value. This happend after Nixon removed us from the gold standard. At the end of 2000 Saddam switched from selling oil from dollars to euros. This is when we started to make invasion plans.

      Here is an excerpt from The Role That Oil Plays

      In the same year Nixon removed us from the gold standard, Henry Kissinger and Nixon began to set up the Petro-dollar system. America basically said to nations like Saudi Arabia and other Arab oil-producing nations that they would protect them with American military should they ever be invaded. They would not need to raise armies for their protection. America will be their protection. The only thing the United States ask for in return was for them to only use the US dollar when they sold their oil. So today oil is bought and sold from nations like Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Kuwait only using the US dollar.

      This is why the US went to Kuwait in 1991. (the first gulf war) Saddam switch from selling oil in US dollars in 2000. He started using the Euro. Shortly after that we invaded Iraq. The first order of business for the US was to return to a system that used the US dollar to sell oil. This was done shortly after we invaded.,9171,998512,00.html

      It is the Petro-dollar system that gives the US fiat dollar value. This is because the Petro-dollar creates a demand for the US currency. If Japan wants to buy oil it has two choices. It can take yen and convert it into US dollars and then buy oil, or it can sell America a Honda and take it’s profits in dollars to buy oil. The Petro-dollar has created a global market system. Nations begin to export their products into the United States, and the profits from their exports are used to buy oil and other commodities.


  6. Greetings everyone,

    Well it was a very hard decision but I finally let go of all of my Dinar. I had approximately 2 and half million Dinar. It was a sad feeling for me because i really did believe that it would revalue. But there is a BIG difference between an RV and a RD. The IQD will Rd but like you reasoned out Mr.Curtis it cannot possibly RV aswell with 69 trillion M2 supply hanging around. But I do have a feeling that once the new bills are made up and the window for replacing them occurs I feel that this new dinar might be the one that will float up in value? It might have a good chance to end up on the Forex aswell. But what value is it to Iraq to increase the value of their currency after the RD any ways? For their own good it’s best they keep it low. Iraq is a nation that has been raped by dictators and foreign countries like the USA. It’s funny how Iraq’s country code is 911? This life is just a big joke and lie we are all living. Sorry about my pessisim right now. Thank you Mr.Curtis for helping me descide to saving my investment:)


  7. Marcus, I just received this Youtube from a man how keeps pushing the dinar and dong. As I listened to this video, I remember this man DeAngelis ( I think that is how his name is spelled ) frim a few years ago. He was for then against and now he is back to pushing both currencies….. Let me know what you think…….

    In the meantime, I will look to see if I kept any info on him…….


    • This guy is full of crap and that is my professional opinion. My amateur opinion is he is full of crap too. I remember him getting out of the dinar when I was buying in. He is quoting things he heard on think tank conversations and other dinar conversations. He tries to tie in history into how much the currency is worth. If he wants to go by history he should know that a revalue larger than 35 percent has NEVER happened. He said that gold Revalued. This is stupid! The Gold Market is not pegged. It floats Gold went up in value because paper currencies are dropping in value. Only pegged currencies can revalue and revalue is a policy decision it is not market driven.

      Paper currencies dropping in value is the new trend because the lower the value the better the industry is in your country. He claims Dong will go up and that Vietnam is recovering and is industrial. The one thing that could happen to stop the progress in Vietnam is for their currency to rise in value. If this happens imports will be cheaper but a higher currency affects exports. There goes your industrious nation. If a currency rises in value then it cost more in that country to produce goods and products. This affects exports because now products cost more in the global market place. This is the real reason Vietnam keeps a tight control on their currency.

      His analysis is wrong. The dinar is going to redenominate. The currency supply will keep expanding because Iraq is getting dollars for dinar. Once the dinar reaches a certain expansion level then they will redenominate. By the way the dinar is not hard to buy like he claims. He may not know that there is 69 trillion dinar in circulation. Don’t trust his analysis. Otherwise you will be the one saying would a could a should a.

      I remember this guy from long ago. I don’t know much about him.


      • Thanks for the quick reply Marcus. I am ticked that he came back with this more recent video. He had a bunch of them when I was getting my Dinars. And like I said he was pushing it at first, then he said to get out of it, and now he is back. Seems like he may be tied up with someone…. maybe a dealer. People I know are now forwarding his video to each other convincing themselves even more that their right and I am wrong. But having heard him in the past makes me suspicious of him and his connections.

        Thanks again for confirming my thoughts.


  8. Again Marcus, I appreciate you and your posts. I would hate to see it end. I totally agree with you and I have said basicly the same thing but not as indebt as you have gone. I still have many friends who are still Dinar believers inspite of the fact that I have pointed out to them the impossibility of the Dinar revaluing at a high rate, and the possibility of losing their money by RD. They think I am a fool! But I am at peace……

    I believe that many things in life occur for a reason. You either go down with it or you learn from it and make a change. Through this investment, I have learned a lot also about currencies, and how to follow the money. I have reinvested the money that I got after selling it to my foolish friends who know how I feel about this scam, and now I have something of value that I can increase my financial position and even pass it on to my children and their children. I am at peace.

    It has been a big joke with my husband and I now…… we tell each other, ” It’s going to happen this Friday or this Weekend, and at $43 per dinar! But we can’t go to the bank and ask questions because we are causing them a problem!” We laugh at the stupidity of it all.

    Investing in Chinese Renimbi would have been a better bet over time…… but I am out of currencies…. no more for me, even Forex!

    I hope you tell us what your next blog will be in the music field or whatever. You have been a joy to read and I look forward to anything you do. You are a gem and one of kind. We need more of you in this world. And may God Bless you and your family!


    • Gogomez,

      Thank You for your kind words and your support. I think we all have learned a great deal from investing in this currency. There are some that would rather dream then learn, but they will learn later. Unfortunately for them they are going to learn the hard way.

      When I first looked at the dinar I narrowed down my currency investment to four currencie choices. The first one was Canada’s Dollar. The second one was the Australian dollar. The third one was the Swiss Franc, and the 4th one was the Iraqi dinar. Had I invested in any of those other currencies at the time I would have made money. I knew from investing that you need to diversify and not put all your eggs in one basket. I ignored that because of the any minute mythical revalue that would present me with a windfall fortune. So really I fell for this thing. It makes me no better than the other people who invested. The only difference is I ignored the dream that was an illusion and searched for the facts.

      You do indeed have an education in this thing. And an education is not without cost. At least you did not take out a student loan to buy this crap like some I know. I wish you and your family all the best and thanks for your support and friendship.


    • Pilgrim,

      I will address this subject in the next post, which I hope will be the last. This post got way to long to include the research.


  9. Thank you Marcus for your continued willingness to share and discuss these important issues. In the end, I believe or at least I am hoping, that in some way, you will help some folks avoid getting caught in this kind of trap. Too many have been hurt, and I appreciate all of your efforts my friend.

    My own opinion is simply this…in one year or less, *most* dinar related pumper sites and the dealers who are in collusion with this will indeed slowly disappear…some much faster than others as they are exposed and find themselves in a very tight corner due to their manipulation and fraudulent activity at great expense to so many unsuspecting people.

    Thank you for exposing the dark underbelly of this. My best wishes for you and your family.

    All my best!


    • Jim my friend it has indeed been a journey. I am glad to see the light at the end of the tunnel. You may be right some dinar sites will disappear sooner than others.

      Best wishes for you and your family. Blessings to you my friend


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