The Truth About The Iraqi Dinar part 2

It was a hot summer day in the first part of July. The year was 2011. I have just read three news articles that shook the foundation of what I believe to the core. A year and one half was tied up into following and posting about the dinar. I wanted to talk more about global economics, but some people did not care about all that stuff. They just wanted to know what the dinar was going to do. Stop getting so technical Marcus. Just give us the dirt. There were two questions I was asked constantly. First one was when is the dinar going to revalue, and the second one was what is going to be the rate. The only problem was those were the only two questions I could not answer. The truth was no one could. But that did not stop people from asking. All I knew was this is taking way too much of my time. I am spending every waking hour researching this stuff and I still can’t answer the two most important questions. Now 18 months have vanished

By this time the revalue was an expected thing. It was not a matter of IF but a matter of WHEN. There were risks involved with this investment, but that did not stop anyone from thinking this was a sure thing. This caused a lot of friends of mine to over leverage themselves. People bought more than they should because they were told any day anytime. The dinar dealers were cleaning up. I even put a disclaimer on my site that told people to do their own research and I outlined risks. Most people just passed right over it. All anyone really wanted to know was exactly when they would be rich and how soon could they quit their job. This investment snared a lot of dreamers in their big wide net.

I missed my life. I am a musician. It seemed like forever since I played music on a regular basis. My playing began to go downhill. I needed to stop playing until I could recover from my injuries, but it had been months and I already returned to work a long time ago. So I hit upon an idea.

I would start another blog that had a broader title. I would move all my dinar research over there. I could write a bit more about world economics. I could just make the dinar a series. I never made any money off Iraq currency watch. Actually I was afraid to make money. I thought that if I made money then that would color my view and I would no longer be objective. Besides all that I was going to be rich anyway after the dinar revalues right? So I just started another blog and made the dinar a series and wrote more with a global focus. The big problem for me was finding a name. Everything was taken. It felt like I searched for hours making compromise after compromise. Try starting a new blog with a title with the words world economics or global economics and you will see what I mean. I settled for a title I did not even want, but I got tired of looking.

The plan was simple. Move all my research to the new site and shut down the old one. Write just a few more articles and return to my old life. the new blog would just be there for reference. It was intended to archive and correct all the errors of the last 18 months. My family missed me and I missed them. This dinar thing had consumed my life. Enough is enough!!!

The three articles I read really challenge me and I began to rethink everything. I went back to the drawing board

Yes these are redenomination articles. There is something that makes these different. There was a bill going through parliament concerning this. It talked about printing lower denominations. Sure enough there was a bill going through parliament and it talked about printing the new currency and adding Kurdish language and symbols.

Wait a minute….I thought the lower denominations were already printed. I thought they were going to release them any day. This is what Dustin called a forum fact. Dustin coined this word it means a lie that people take as fact regardless of what economist and news media say. The fact can only be found in the forums. The fact was I figured out in July of 2011 that the lower denominations were not printed and the legislation to print them was working its way through parliament. This meant two things; first the Revalue is a long way off if it is coming at all because they don’t even have the lower denominations. Second the bill going through parliament had redenomination language all the way through it. This made the redenomination plausible and very real for the first time.

I had this knowledge as I opened the other blog site. I just needed to get away. I already wasted too much time on this. I still believed in the investment, but I needed a clear head. I did not want to do anything rash. I did not want to rush to judgment, but I thought that this was not good. Not good at all!

There are people who get paid to hype this currency they make up all kinds of forum facts and post it on their sites and in the forums. Two really big lies are dinar will be sold for oil and the lower denominations are already printed. Another big lie is the dinar is needed to rebuild infrastructure. According to the bush administration oil revenue will be used to rebuild infrastructure and oil is sold in dollars not dinars. How are you going to get international contractors to come rebuild your country if you only have a currency that is traded only in your country? The answer is you’re not!!

Some people have taken this out of context and they said the bush administration said oil revenues would be used to pay for the war. This was a very popular revalue rumor. Unfortunately nothing could be further from the truth. So I challenge anyone who believes this. Find the sound bite. The media should have it. They would use it if oil was not used to pay for the war. Ok I will provide my own sound bite.

There are all kinds of misunderstanding and lies told to hype this thing and increase sales. There was an article circulating that said Iraq was going to withdraw 70 percent of the excess liquidity. People including myself believed that meant Iraq was taking 70 percent of the money supply out of circulation. When I was researching money I learned the real term and meaning of excess liquidity. It does not mean the entire money supply. It means an excess of cash held by a bank above what is required by the regulatory authorities.

This meant that they were pulling out of the excess cash that was placed by the CBI in banks. Not taking 70 percent of the money supply out of circulation. This could be electronic currency for all we know.

So let’s count the lies circulating in the forums that have been disproven just with these two posts

1. Dinar will be used for oil

2 Lower denominations are printed. ( you should know that there will be no revalue on the scale the forums predict without lower denominations!)

3. Bush said the war will pay for itself

4. A redenomination is not possible.

5. The CBI has reduced the currency supply by 70 percent

6. Dinar will be used to rebuild the infrastructure in Iraq.

7. The dinar is part of biblical prophecy.

The theory with the last one is dinar is needed to rebuild Iraq and Iraq is found in biblical prophecy. So since Iraq must be rebuilt they need dinar to do this. I understand the reasoning but they don’t need dinar to rebuild. Biblical prophecy also talks about a one world currency. I can tell you the dinar probably won’t be it. The one world currency and the mark of the beast will be something totally different from that!

These rumors surface and circulate the forums on a regular basis. The hype is “you invest because the dinar will revalue tomorrow and you will be rich beyond your wildest dreams. Better hurry!” These lists of lies are meant to promote the hype, and increase sales. You need to stop take a big breath and do some research. I am not saying don’t invest. I am saying don’t rely on the forums or guru sites for so-called Intel. Above all else understand the risk!!

There are people who post bogus information to hype sales in forums. These people are called pumpers because they pump and hype sales. If they are really good then they start their own website or forum and begin to predict rates and dates. Then they come up with an excuse why it did not happen. These people have been elevated to a status of Guru. It is important for a Guru to know the entire dinar lingo. DFI funds, Coalition Provisional Authority, CBI, Paris club ect… A guru has to think fast on his feet. Sometimes a guru won’t pick a day for the revalue. Instead he will pick a time frame, say the fall of a certain year, or during a certain month. But in the end all the gurus have been wrong so far. There are some web sites that reveal some of the cons these guys play. One of my favorites is

Here are a few more

Now I find out in July of 2011 that the redenomination is one plausible scenario. Of course I write about it on the new blog. I clean up all the old posts and get rid of the bad links and rumors. I do more articles on money and research money as a whole. I returned to music in September. I start playing and getting back in musical shape. In October I start playing out again. In November I begin to concentrate on a new music site. I began to make video and media for it. I spend a lot of holiday time working and with family. So now here we are into 2012.

I began to research a little in January of 2012 because I had some extra time on my hands. I began to look at Kuwait. I did key word searches. Basically I typed things like Kuwait+news+articles+1991. As a result I began to read through countless news articles from 1991. Way back when Iraq invaded Kuwait. I used different types of keyword combinations. What I found shocked me. Kuwait never revalued their currency! The central bank did not change the rate. As people fled they grabbed all the cash they could. When they got to countries along their border they began to exchange the Kuwaiti dinar for the currency they needed. This created a flood of Kuwaiti dinar in other nations. The value dropped on the black market because foreign banks and the people lost faith in the currency.

Saddam Outlaws the Kuwaiti dinar and it falls in value. He said that people needed to trade in their Kuwaiti dinar for Iraqi dinar before Oct 6 1990. When America begins to regain Kuwait the value rose again. It is important to note that this is not a result of the bank changing the rate. It is a result of the black market interpreting the news of the day. This is the same thing stocks do. It is the same thing that happened when Saddam tried to adjust the rate of the Iraqi dinar and said it was worth more than it was towards the end of the 80’s. But outside Iraq. The Iraq dinar was trading for less.

The important thing is the central bank never adjusted the rate below 3 dollars. In fact, The Kuwaiti central bank was occupied by Iraqis and they were not open for business! When America came to the rescue of Kuwait primarily because of the petro dollar agreement they kicked Iraq out. When the people regained their country everything was up and running just 7 months later. All the oil well fires were put out, and everything was almost back to normal. Kuwait redenominated. The only reason for this was because Saddam took a bunch of Kuwaiti dinar from the Kuwaiti central bank.

This is an entirely different scenario then what happened in Iraq. Kuwait’s currency was not expanded because of sanctions and they did not have a period of hyper-inflation. This completely threw me for a loop. I always thought and was told that what happened in Kuwait was going to happen in Iraq. Kuwait never had over a trillion in circulation. You see when it comes to any denomination going through a revalue the money supply is key. This is because there is a debt liability with a revalue. They can’t just say it is worth x amount. The government itself is on the hook for that amount. Money=debt and debt=money.

“Significant quantities of these notes were stolen by Iraqi forces and some have appeared on the international numismatic market. The “Standard Catalog of World Paper Money” (A. Pick, Krause Publications) lists notes with the following serial number prefix denominators as being among those stolen:

After the liberation, a fourth series was issued on 24 March 1991 with the aims of replacing the previous withdrawn series as quickly as possible and guaranteeing the country’s swift economic recovery. This fourth series was legal tender until 16 February 1995. Denominations were ¼, ½, 1, 5, 10 and 20 dinar.

The fifth series of Kuwaiti banknotes has been in use since 3 April 1994 and include high-tech security measures which have now become standard for banknotes. Denominations were as in the fourth series.”

So Kuwait redenominated because Iraqi soldiers took dinar from the central bank before they left. They wanted to redenominate to prevent Saddam from using those notes. It was changed out for a rate of 1 to 1. There was no revalue during the redenomination the rate was never altered. It fell in the black market.

Now I began to wonder about terms like revalue and reinstate. In all my research on currency and how it works I never researched this process. I started with the term reinstate. The only place I could even see anything about currencies reinstating was in the forums and on dinar guru sites. Currencies don’t reinstate! They float, and the ones that don’t float are pegged to the ones that do. This is how the system works. You would not expect a stock to reinstate on the stock market. Maybe they reinstate dividends but they never reinstate value. No currency has ever reinstated in value…EVER! Drivers licenses, insurance policies, Laws, and policy regarding stocks can all be reinstated. Currency values are not, and never will be reinstated.

The only place you can find this is in the forums and on the guru sites. Just do keyword searches on reinstate and currency. See if anything comes up other than the Iraqi dinar outside of a guru site or a forum.

So I began to research revalues. A revalue is a change in policy like devalue is a change in policy. A revalue only affects currencies that are pegged. They revalue or devalue a currency because the currency it is pegged to has risen or fallen. It can also be based on that nation’s economy, GDP and inflation factors.

The big thing here is there has never ever been a Revalue above 50 percent. It would be hard to find a revalue in history over 35 percent. This means that if you believe the dinar is going to go from 1166 to $1.00. Then you got to know that is over 100,000 percent. No currency has ever done this. Consider that as the dollar has gone down the CBI kept putting more and more dinar into circulation. So by 2011 there was at least 30 trillion in circulation. That is an incredible debt liability for a nation the size of Iraq to acquire if that currency revalues to 1 dollar. That is twice the size of our national debt. It is much more money in value than America has in the M2 money supply. Do you know what that would do to inflation in Iraq? If the dinar was all of a sudden worth just 25 cents tomorrow hyper-inflation in that country would soar through the roof.

This is because of a concept in modern money mechanics which states that a currencies value is determined according to how rare that currency is. In other words the more money in circulation the less rare it becomes and the more things cost.

All this seemed to be a nail in the coffin for the RV scenario. But the final nail came in February. I was on a conference call with some friends in skype. We went to the CBI’s web site. We downloaded an excel document. There was a document called Key financial indicators. It had a date of Jan 2012 It said Iraq had over 28 trillion outside of banks in physical money. Their M1 money supply is almost triple that of our M2. It is crazy to expect a revalue of even 1 penny under those circumstances. But let’s continue

Click on the link above and download this document for yourself scroll down to line 79 in the excel document. The one that is up there now is dated April 11th the information has updated. Now on that same line the currency outside of banks is 34 trillion 999 billion. Their M2 is now 69 trillion dinars…. WOW! Do you still think that they will revalue a currency to a $1.00.00? If they do then the entire world’s money supply will go way up. This will have a tremendous impact on hyperinflation. Rest assured if they do this then that rate will only be in Iraq as the currency implodes. I highly doubt that the rate will be honored outside of Iraq. Do you honestly think the IMF will allow Iraq to threaten the world’s economy in this way?

This is the final nail in the coffin for me. It is time to put this to rest. The Dinar is will not revalue above a penny with that much currency in circulation. If they want to raise the value of their currency then they got to shrink the money supply. The supply keeps going up! The only way in economics to shrink a base money supply that large is to redenominate. That is the only option. Money expands and contracts from the base money supply. But Iraq’s base supply is about as larger as our highest expansion. There is no revalue coming that will make everyone rich!

After seeing this for the first time I had to figure out my next move. I decided to bring back Iraq Currency watch and warn everyone who has read my blog. I felt a sense of obligation to warn my readers. For years I supported this investment. Now I needed to set the record straight and warn of the deceit that is rampant in the chat rooms. This is the same deceit from which I fell victim to.

I sold all my dinars and got completely out. Some people sell their dinar on eBay. I could not bring myself to sell this to another investor knowing what I now know. So I tried to sell it back to the local banks. None of the banks where I live exchange dinar anymore. At one point they did, but now they won’t even touch it. This was a big red flag for me. So I sold my dinar back to a dealer in one straight shot and took a loss.

The dinar itself has become a game of musical chairs. When the music stops anyone caught holding will lose. There will be a point when people will figure out what is going on. When that day finally comes you won’t even be able to give your dinar away. I will talk more about that day and why it is coming in the next post.

Now you know my story. Now you can make an informed decision on what to do next.

31 thoughts on “The Truth About The Iraqi Dinar part 2

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  2. Michael M.

    keeping the IQD devalued (1166 Dinars= $1 USD) by printing trillions of Dinars is not about keeping the price of ‘OIL DOWN’. It is about keeping the price of ‘OIL UP!
    Iraq has the dangerous potential of flooding the world oil economies with too much oil which would result in a major oil price crash per barrel of oil due to over supply. We would all end up paying .10 cents a gallon or less at the pumps for gas? NWO slaves would have more freedom and power. That’s not in their agenda. Wow they sure keep a short chain around that Iraqi Lion’s neck!



  3. Naw Buff it’s all good, and I’m no professional. I love the open discussion we’re allowed to have here. Marcus that question “if a non fiat is backed by fiat what does that mean?” is great. Think of it this way, if the USD (a fiat) were to collapse (not that I think it will), oil producing nations would just switch to something that could stil be traded based on faith and or value. Great discussion!


  4. Alright, Marcus and Chuckles, I will do some more homework. I have an open mind. I will look at the links. Chuckles I put most of that besides some of the definitions for Fiat and Petrodollar(which are self explanatory) myself. Purely my take, right or wrong or won’t have any links. I appreciate your opions and professional advise. I will continue my research. Thank you.


    • chuckles is right the dinar is backed with foreign reserves, but what if the reserve it is backed with is a fiat currency? Does one currency make the other fiat? wow good questions right? ok now the wheels are turning lol


  5. I’ll leave on your comment “do your homework”, The “real facts” not “forum facts” are out there. I hope people are getting tired of people doing the thinking for them (time will tell). Hopefully one day people will wake up to this “investment”, which it “is not”. Look up SEC regulations on presenting the dinar as investment and you will see folks with banners for the sale of dinar on a forum are violating the law. You can be an MSB and provide a service, but if you also promote the sale of said product, get ready to be raided.


  6. Let me point out the important wording. “Banknotes and coins issued by the CBI and intended
    for circulation in Iraq ARE NOT promissory notes”. Only banknotes and coins issued by the CBI that have not been demonetized shall be legal tender “IN” Iraq.


  7. So Buff, if we’re to be skeptical of what we read and yet you provide 0 links on how the world “really” works why would anyone take pause to any of your statements? You reference parity between nations, calling the Dinar Fiat (which it isn’t it is based on foreign reserves), and the worst and most insane comment “Don’t slam Adam Montana either, he quotes all the time don’t invest more than you can afford to loose!!”. Why would anyone in their right mind invest in something with a sales pitch like that? That doesn’t provide James and his crew with an out in any way. You can drop conspiracies, you can drop useless references, but in the end unless you sell it now you will be out money in the end. Maybe you need to read article 32 on of the CBI law. Enjoy.


  8. Thanks for posting the facts and accurate information….there is no RV…it just isn’t possible and the more people that can help educate people the better. I have always enjoyed your research even though there was a time we didn’t agree…all the best.


    • JMW,

      How are you my old friend. I remember our debates and discusions in Dinar Vets. You were always respectful and civil at the times we did not agree. Now my research has brought me closer to your point of view. Just wait until you see the next post. I think you will like all the evidence as to why I now believe there will be no RV.

      You remember how gung ho I was torward this investment. The research leads where ever it leads. I was not being honest with myself. I fell victum to inductive reasoning. I have found the biggest lies we tell as humans are the ones we tell to ourselves!

      Thanks for your honesty throughout this whole process!


      • I enjoyed our debates as well and because of you I did more research on currency than I ever expected to do…you even got me to read modern money mechanics!…I am looking forward to your next post as you always present your information in a wonderful and easy to follow way….Good luck my friend!


  9. This is my take on the Dinar to Marcus(who I thank for all his valuable info) or anyone else. First I don’t believe everything I read, even if it is posted on CBI. What? Do Americans as a whole believe what our Goverment and Banks say? Really? So why would we believe a Foriegn Bank? These guys(Bankers) are exactly like Marcus first described to us in/on his old web site! Crooks, deception everywhere, believe the CBI? Really? Believe Reuters? AP? Really? Ever heard of the 300 Club? Ever heard of New World Order? It’s agendas? Do you think they the bankers,etc(World’s Elite planers) who are going to have a One World currency, Judicial System, Religion, Bank, Court are going to be true and tell everybody the truth!? Really? Deception at its finest, why would there be that much Dinar outside the Banks first off? More than the US? Investors? Does the US, Federal Reserve, etc, really have a clue how much money /currency we have out there?! Please! These people(controlled, bought and paid for $$) can’t balance budgets, they make billions dissapear, tax evaders, want me to continue? Do you think any other country is really different? Truthful? Honest? I will leave you with one more thing, I just looked at what Afghanistans currency is worth :1 AFN = 0.0207125 USD, if I am correct that is 2 cents!! Please tell me what they have over a Oil rich country that has the LARGEST Natural gas supply in the world! If the Dinar RVs at .02 (2 cents) equal to that of Afghanistan, I and alot of people will be extemely happy. I invested for long term growth, not a get rich scheme. Hey $1700.00 for 1.5 million Dinar at 2 cents will give me back $30,000.00. Not Bad, if it RVs at 1 cent thats $15K. Half a penny $7.5K still not bad. Tell me where there is a country that produces more oil than Iraq, or where Iraq will be at in 2015(3 more years) and their currency is valued at 1168? Please. Marcus, you were more on track with what you wrote on your last website, remember when the Rothchilds lied and made millions? HHmmm. People don’t give up on this Dinar. Don’t slam Adam Montana either, he quotes all the time don’t invest more than you can afford to loose!! And this is a capitalistic country(still) if he made money off his VIP stuff, who forced you to buy into any of what he says, do your homework people, stop listening and believing everyone and anything. I will close with this, just because this has never before happened in history, does that mean it will never happen? One more thing, Iraq doesn’t need to back up there curreny, anybody hear of Fiat? Things that make you go HHHmmm. God Bless our country, our troops and may Jesus continue to shed his grace so we can yet have more time to tell others about the Gospel.


    • Buff Man,

      If you like my old research you will be happy to know it is not gone. I moved it to another website. The reason for this is most of it had nothing too directly to do with the dinar. It was a little off topic. This site is dedicated to the dinar. The old research you are referring to can be found here.

      You can start there and work your way through. There is nothing on this site that talks about dinar. It is all NWO and debunking myths about oil. It talks about the petro0dollar as well.

      Now as to your claims about the CBI, You don’t trust the balance sheets of the CBI? They answer to the IMF. They need to be transparent in order to have World Trade Organization status. Currently they are ranked number 152 on the list of nations. This does not qualify them to be a reserve currency. I know there is a scenario that says once they RV the currency will be held at central banks around the world. The only problem with this is you are asked to believe that the currency will revalue 100,000 percent and at the same time it will become a reserve currency. That is a stretch, a real whopper of a fish tale.

      Simple economics shoots this whole thing down. If they revalue 1,000 percent, (which is one penny) and they have even 5 trillion in circulation, they will experience inflation. In other words it is the same as releasing more money into the money supply. Not only has this not happened in history, but numbers don’t lie. That is how fiat works, the more currency there is the less it is worth. Read Modern Money Mechanics. Bank notes that are in Iraq are not promissory notes (fiat) They need reserves to back them.

      Click to access ModernMoneyMechanics.pdf

      As to your comments about Adam, I got to say I know very little about him. There are other sites on the internet that have exposed a few things. Here are a few quotes that I have read,

      “I showed that he has several dinar websites and domain names linked together and registered under the name James Wolf a.k.a. “Wolfyman”. I showed an excerpt from a post Adam did where he said he used to be a corporate recruiter. I showed that there was a corporate recruiter named James Wolf in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin that was described as a talented con artist who has no professional credentials or education. I showed that he also ran an adult website with Prose Only when he lived in Brookfield, Wisconsin. I also showed how the court documents from a copyright infringement lawsuit listed his residence as Lomira, Wisconsin which is south of Fond Du Lac.”

      “He is 35 years old, which would have made him 15 years old at the time that he supposedly made a wad on the Kuwaiti “RV”.

      Furthermore it has come out on these sites that this man James Wolf has no Harvard education like he claims and has no license to be a financial advisor. These guys did a positive voice match between conference calls and his vacation videos he put on his facebook page to confirm his identity.

      If all this is true it raises a lot of questions, but you will need to go to those sites and look at their research and draw your own conclusions. Go watch the videos for yourself. First I thought wow!! Now I don’t know what to think about this. I don’t post on DV anymore. In fact eventually I will get away from the dinar all together.


  10. Hey Marcus,
    I would like to add that DinarGuru is not a website dedicated to exposing the con of the dinar gurus. They are well aware that Adam Montana is a fraud and a lyer but still refuse to remove, or prohibit him from posting what seems to be credible information on the dinar. If Dinar Guru were about exposing fraud then someone commiting fraud wouldn’t be allowed to post information on the site.


  11. @desertdog

    Oh boy, here we go. More facts that can’t be proven. Amazing how people believe that stuff. I know for a fact the dinar will RV. I can’t tell you how I know, or go into details, or tell you who I heard it from, just trust me! Oh, and by the way, if you would like to purchase dinar, or sign up for my VIP section to learn more unprovable facts then visit my website.


  12. Your article was interesting, but I have to disagree with it. You stated that the lower denoms are not printed yet. I know for an absolute fact that they are printed, with the three languages and are in storage at the CBI and other banks around Iraq. I also know for a fact that Iraqis are taking their dinar outside of Iraq because they were told it would be worth more outside of the country than inside. I can’t give you details as to the safety and security of my contacts in Iraq. I have never pumped and I am not a guru. I only provide info to people on our site as I receive it from Iraq.



    • desertdog, this was a nice story, the same that has gone on for years, and would have been even nicer if you, or anyone else that has stated those same words hundreds, if not thousands of times over the last number of years were able to prove any of it. The fact is, none of this is true, or at least one of these items would have been verifiable. The stories ending with “trust me”, “contacts”, etc, is nothing more than “Okie” talk at this point, so the pumpers will need to do a MUCH better job than lines like that now. The CBI has even stated that they were still in the process of designing the new currency, therefore they have not been printed.

      The funny thing, is one of those people that went as far as to say that he even saw the notes for himself, forgot that he said this, and then spoke of the recent articles speaking of them designing and printing the new currency soon. Time to either back what you have to say up with verifiable evidence, or admit that you are telling stories… the gig is up..


    • Desert Dog,

      Your claim about the lower denominations being printed and distributed is obviously false. Your claim even ranks below Big Foot The loch ness monster, and UFOs. When I got into this investment I was told that the lower denominations were already printed by the Coalition Provisional Authority. Even if that were the case in 2003 the laws have changed and more Kurdish symbols would be needed on any new notes in the design. When the legislation came out in June of 2011 to redenominate the currency it included making new currency with the required symbols.

      When the redenomination was put on hold in 2012 so was the printing of currency. However some designs for the new currency have been approved according to articles coming out of Iraq dated March 2012. While the designs may be approved at this point and the contracts awarded the currency is not available at this time. It may be a few months before they even start printing. See article

      Now as to your statement that the new currency is printed and it is in the banks and Iraqis are taking the new currency outside of Iraq because it is worth more money. You got to realize that when you make statements like that it is up to you to supply the proof that supports your statements. That is why there are so many links in my post. It contains the proof of what I am saying! You have no proof to support your statements. I have proof that tells me what you are saying is false. (See above article) This makes you a pumper!! I know if I had seen the new dinar as you have claimed I would have at least taken a picture of it with my cell phone. If all these people come into contact with this new currency as you claim why are there no pictures?

      Pumpers pump for two reasons. Either they are getting paid to pump, or they were not hugged enough by their mommy and daddy and they crave affection. Whatever is your case just know that pumping is not allowed on this site!!! Any further false statements from you will be removed!!!

      Your claim even ranks below Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny, but cheer up your statements are tied with the Tooth Fairy for believability!!!


  13. very nice post… all doubts n hesitation has been answered… thanks Marcus..
    Lets wait for the glory day to come.. Come RV come..


  14. Marcus thank you for taking the time to do that in depth of a write up. It takes a lot of courage to reveal your research to people knowing it may not be received very well across the dinar community.


    • I agree with Highlander. I have listened to her on various calls in the past few months. It has been hard to admit that in all realistic probability the dinar is not going to RV and make us all a boatload of money. Even Highlander said it took her a long time to face the writing on the wall. All in all the numbers just don’t add up. Marcus seems to be saying the same thing. It’s a bummer but I feel a million times better now that I’ve seen the other side of the story.


      • I spoke with highlander today. When you are emotionally involved as I was or as any investor is at this time you tend to do inductive reasoning, but I think it’s better to understand one thing Jesus said. He said you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. I feel more freedom today seeking the truth. I remember the bondage of believing a lie. I don’t want to return to that. Highlander is one of the honest people in this investment.


  15. Thanks for the post. Can you give more detail on which document in statistics within the CBI website? I am not seeing it.


    • Go To the CBI web site. Go to statistics. download Key Financial indicators. It is an excel document. open it and scroll down to line 79. look across to March. You will see that the CBI has almost 35 trillion in physical currency outside of banks. In February they had 28 trillion 538 billion. So in one month they released over 6 trillion in physical currency. This is not the actions of a country preparing for Revalue. Go to line 87. You will see their M2 money supply. That is physical currency with electronic currency. Their M2 money supply is 69 trillion dinars. This all but guarantees a redenomination. This is way to much currency to revalue to any number floating around in the forums. This document is dated April 11th 2012

      This is the actual money supply of Iraq and it is at least 3 times as large as Americas money supply. Consider that we have a global currency. 2 thirds is used in other countries. Iraq’s currency is only used in Iraq and they have a population of 33 million people. Any major revalue would bring hyperinflation on a massive scale! They cannot even revalue over a penny with this much currency!!


  16. Thanks for the details and your honesty…We have been slowly selling our dinars. Your emails have confirmed what I have been wondering for some time. Thanks for your courage. May God bless you.


  17. O, you Lopster. I bet you don’t even have dinar. Wait, you just said you don’t anymore. HA!
    Thanks for the post. Great links.


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