1166 (4/10/12)

Just in case any of you have any doubts about whether any of these gurus have legitimate sources and intel, think about this.  A couple of months ago the IQD rate was adjusted from 1170 to 1166.  This was the first movement we’ve seen in three years.  Quite a development, right?  You’d think that if anybody had any contacts who really know what’s going on they would have said something.

Which gurus told you that there was a rate adjustment coming that week?  Yeah, I know …. damn near all of ’em.  But which guru said the new rate would be 1166 IQD to 1 USD?  Did Adam Montana say anything about it?  After all, he claims to have a contact at the CBI.  How about Okie?  Frank?  (His sidekick Delta claims to have CBI sources too.)  TerryK?  Jonnywg?  Footforward?  Studley?  Bulldog?  TonyTNT?

I don’t recall one of them saying anything of the kind.  It was all “you’ll like the rate” or “it’s going live this week at $7” or “things are looking good for us”.  Not one guru said “hey everybody, I just talked to my contact in Iraq and the IQD is going up 4 pips this week!”.  The same goes for the newshound gurus, reading all of the statements and watching the policy coming from Iraq.  How many of them thought that this was their next move?  Something to think about.